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Irish baseball joke



Irish Cowboy |10-30-2001|04:23PM


An Irishman visits the United States and finally attends his first baseball game.

The first batter approached the batters box, took a few swings and then hit a double.  Everyone was on their feet screaming "Run", Run!!"

The next batter hit a single & the Irishman listened as the crowed again cheered "RUN, RUN"

The Irishman enjoyed the game and began screaming with the fans.

The fifth batter came up and four balls went by. The umpire called "walk" and the batter started his slow trot to first base.

The Irishman stood up and screamed, "R-R-Run ye bastard, run!"

The people around him began laughing.

Embarrassed, the Irishman sat back down.  A friendly fan noted the man's embarrassment, leaned over and explained - "He can't run - he got four balls."

The Irishman stood up and screamed, "Walk with pride,lad.......walk with pride!!"

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Grrr, i get spurrned by parts of both families.  Its...interestin.  Sure, i identify with the Irish side that stayed here & attempted to raise me, but either way...there's nationalism, then there's bullshit, and i admit its a fine line. Nevermind that both sides can share celtic bloodlines & such.




Either way, i like to think...

english-flag.jpg + g-flag.jpg = American%20flag.gifFlaming%20Cowboy.jpg


...anyway, the joke's funny as hell.

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Not one of mine IC, Ramires said this one:


A Frenchman and an Italian were seated next to an Irishman on an overseas flight. After a few cocktails, the men began discussing their home lives.

"Last night I made love to my wife four times," the Frenchman bragged, "and this morning she made me delicious crepes and she told me how much she adored me."

Ah, last night I made love to my wife six times," the Italian responded, "and this morning she made me a wonderful omelette and told me she could never love another man."


When the Irishman remained silent, the Frenchman smugly asked, "And how many times did you make love to your wife last night?"

"Once," he replied.

"Only once?" the Italian arrogantly snorted. "And what did she say to you  this morning?"

"Don't stop."

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