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Flash Gordon Gets the Green Light


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SCI FI Channel has greenlit production on "Flash Gordon," based on the popular comic strip franchise, it was announced today at the Television Critic's Association tour. Production on the 22 one-hour episodes begins in Canada in early 2007. The series, produced by Reunion Pictures, is slated to debut on SCI FI in July of '07, with a broadcast syndication window to follow.


Under an agreement with property owner King Features Syndicate, the new series is being produced by RHI's Robert Halmi, Sr. and Robert Halmi, Jr., who previously produced SCI FI's popular miniseries event "Legend of Earthsea."


Ming, Dale Arden, and Dr. Hans Zarkov are among the many beloved characters returning to television in this contemporary retelling of the intergalactic exploits of "Flash Gordon." Stellar adventures and heroic battles mark this inventive new take on the perennial science fiction classic. The "Flash Gordon" comic strip was created in 1934 by legendary comic-strip artist Alex Raymond and is still distributed internationally today by King Features Syndicate



I just hope it turns out to be good.

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Anyone know if Flash Gordon's getting a second season? It was a guilty pleasure of mine....

Well, according to Wikipedia

On April 3, 2008, it was announced that Flash Gordon was cancelled.

Can't say I'm too surprised. It was a bit cheeseball and fans of SciFi original shows have come to expect better.

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