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Hondo's Bar

Farce of the Penguins

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That could be the key alright. I was told that Beerfest was the best. When it sucked balls I was told, "oh..well you have to be drunk.."


It's like "that chick over there in the corner is hot." Where upon you retort with a "I'd rather be violated in the asshole by Panch's Spidey-cock. She's a woof-woof".


Then realising your friend has been at the sauce and you have not (this is a bar you know..cranberry juice? What're you on your period, ya DiCaprio fuck?) and then slowly but surely the pieces all come together like that 10,000 piece puzzle of Notre Dame you got for your eleventh birthday when all you wanted was Aladdin on the Sega 'cause you knew this kick ass cheat (ABBABBA) that unlocked all sortsa goodies which is a far cry better than that frickin' X-Men game which was way too hard. I mean, how were you ever gonna get to Magneto when you couldn't get past the Storm level? So anyways all this shit is creeping in on you and you don't know what else to say but:


"Maybe I need a drink."


Sometimes we all need some sauce, baby. I picked a hell of a night to sip on cow-juice like a baby sucking on his momma's tit. Sippy-cup an' all.

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