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Saw this one courtesy of StillB's link to a form of a screener...i think i enjoyed it more for having not seen it in theatres.


By that, i mean, its been said that its a re-telling of part 1 but with females, which i was totally prepared for. On the upside, you got more time with the clients/organization behind the whole hunting club thing, and some...closure on part 1.


What didnt do it for me at all was that, yeah, its horror and seeing pretty girls hurt makes you cringe more, but I really thought Roth was gonna push the envelope more with this one, that's what i thought was the point of this sequel.


The first death, the "bathing in blood" one

, certainly gave that impression....but after that? Things happened offscreen, and...it was just overall tamer, i thought. I remember physically looking away at some of the more grotesque moments of the original; that didnt happn here. So yeah, worth watching if you saw & enjoyed the first, but it didnt go any further than that.

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Yeah, I didn't like the first one and I couldn't even watch this one...


I wouldn't have even seen it if it wasn't for getting the bootleg for free! I thank Eli Roth for introducing me to MetalHeart (and for that, I, and Hondos will ALWAYS be greatfull), but I'm sorry, he sucks...

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I liked it, but it wasn't as good as the first one. I liked the first hour or so, I think all the character stuff was pretty fun, but it really could have used an exciting climax like the first one had. That's what I really think was missing.

Her escape was pretty lame.



I do think the few reviews I've read calling it pornographic and mysogynistic (sp?) are bullshit. I think the movie went out of it's way to not be sexist or mysogynistic. That's probably why a lot of it was dissapointing on the gore front. Really though, if it had a longer, more exciting pay off, I would have loved it. As is, I'm just glad that it's a decent horror movie with half a brain; and I think it's worth watching, but nothing out of this world.

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yeah, im not as certain if lenghtening it wouldve done it for me, but it definitely pulled punches and that was the letdown.

no idea why panch didnt dig the first one, but liked "hills have eyes" better....if i gotta turn my head (for cringing, and not at the plot), a hororr movie wins.

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