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So I've always dug The White Stripes, also see The Who (what's with the UK and the 'the' bands anyways?) and the Rolling Stones.

so sue me.


and of course...THE Beatles. I've also had a stage where i worshipped The Cranberries (woo Ireland!).


Recently I've discovered The Kaiser Chiefs- I reccomend Ruby, Modern Way and I Predict a Riot.


what's on your import list?

I must find more 'the' bands...or imports of any kind that are downloadable or at least that in which can be found at an indie record store.

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youve prolly heard "Children's Story". If you dig Orbital, you might really dig chicane - d'you download music? Behind the Sun and Far from the maddening crowds are both excellent; if you can find even the singles of "Offshore" and "Salt Water", that's what got me into them.

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My favorite band from abroad recently has been Japanese drone-metal band BORIS. They are pretty fucking amazing and their stuff ranges from pretty experimental droney noise stuff (their album "Flood"), to fast, loud, straight up rock (Their latest album, "Pink")



Also from the land of the rising sun, the reasonably legendary, rediculously fucking loud rock n roll kings, Guitar Wolf:


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