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the hulkster versus the rock



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The Rock and the Hulkster... The one match that will decide which one will be known as the best wresteler EVER There's no doubt in my mind as to who will win. There's only one champion here. The People's Champion! The Rock is gonna lay the smack down on your candy ass, Hogan! You tried to take out The Rock. You and your little candy ass NWO buddies tried to destroy The Rock. Hit him in the back with a hammer! Then when he was on the way to the hospital, you slammed into his ambulance with a semi-truck! Just before The Rock had fully recovered, you sent your little buddy, Scott Hall to beat on him.... Hey... Chico! But The Rock was winning, so you had to beat on him some more! Finally, you decided to beat him one last time in a matchup, teaming The Rock up with Stone Cold Steve Austin.


The Rock says this.... Hogan, this match is gonna be different... This time it will be your candy ass in an ambulance.... and I don't need a hammer to send ya to the hospital...............


If ya smeeeeeeeeeeellll... what The Rock..... is cookin!

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here's how this match went down at Wrestlemania 18:


Hollywood Hogan vs. The Rock

Hogan came down first and the crowd was going crazy for him when he got into the ring. The Rock the came down and they stared eachother down in the ring.


They finally squared off and Hogan pushed Rock into the corner and then flexed at him. They then squared off again and then came to their base again and looked to the yelling crowd.


Hogan then got the upperhand and whipped him off the ropes, but Rock countered and hit the flying clothesline. Hogan got up and Rock told Hogan to bring it. Hogan pushed him in the chest and then they started exchanging blows.


They fought to the outside and Rock got Hogan back in the ring. Hogan reversed the Irish whip and went for a sunset flip, but Rock countered and kicked him in the face. Rock went for an early Rock Bottom and Hogan blocked it and went back on the attack.


Hogan kicked Rock in the head while he was down and then got him in the corner and then in the middle of the ring and sidewalk slammed Rock and then got him in the abdominal stretch.


Hogan then tried to roll up Rock, but he kicked. Rock was in the corner and Hogan scratched his fingers across the back of Rock.


Hogan then got up on the ropes and nailed Rock with blows and then stepped off and Rock turned it around.


Hogan nailed Rock with a choke hold slam while ran at him and then choked him against the ground.


Rock fought out and then tried to beat on Hogan, but he grabbed him by the shorts and tossed him clearly over the top rope.


They made their way to the outside and Rock slammed Hogan into the table and then went for a chair but the referee stopped him.


They got back in the ring and Rock went for the sharpshooter and locked it in the middle of the ring.


Hogan finally looked to be tapping out, but the referee was out and Rock stopped and let him go.


Hogan hit a low blow and then nailed Rock with the Rock Bottom and went for the pin, but he kicked out.


Hogan then pulled off his weight lifting belt and whipped Rock in the back with it repeatedly.


The Rock took down Hogan with a move and went for the belt and nailed the legend with it. Hogan then got up and Rock hit the Rock Bottom and Hogan kicked out very quickly.


Hogan went crazy and got up shaking his fists and going nuts. Hogan slammed Rock and then hit the legendary legdrop, but Rock managed to kick out.


Hogan got up and hit the big boot on Rock and then went for the leg lock again, but he missed.


Rock then hit the Rock Bottom yet again but he did not go for the pin. Rock kicked up and hit the People's Elbow and pinned Hogan to win the match.


Winner: Rock


Scott Hall and Kevin Nash came down to the ring and looked at Hogan with disapproval and then attacked him. They double-teamed Hogan and Rock came down and saved him and then The Rock and Hollywood fought them off and stood in the ring as the nWo left.


Hogan started to leave and Rock stopped him and told him to get back in the ring and do the old Hulkamania moves in the ring to the crowd. Hogan went crazy in the ring with Rock to the audience. They shook hands yet again and walked out together.



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Now that Hogan's not part of the NWO any more, he needs to go back to the red and yellow! But, as The Rock said "Finally.... the Hulkster has come back to the Hulkamaniacs!!!!!!!" I also wanna see the Ultimate Warrior make a comeback too.  :D




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