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Rugby World Cup 2007


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Woo! Its nearly here. Cant wait. Heres the rundown of the groups. I've highlighted countries of interest to Hondonians.




Pool A




South Africa


United States


Pool B








Pool C


New Zealand






Pool D








Ireland vs Argentina eh Boogie?? Your goin down man!

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Fucking shocking shit performance from Ireland on sunday. Ireland 32 Namibia 17. We got a bonus point win (4 for a win, bonus 1 for scoring 4 tries) but we still played horribly.


HA! Argentina v Georgia is on right now. 3-3 at the moment. Argentina are gettin a little bit of a shock methinks. Although we're playin Georgia on saturday so we'd wanna light a fire under the arse for that game!

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Would you rather us play well and lose or to play bad and win...


Win's a win, and we got a bonus point that could be vital at the end of the group stages, i dont see what the big fuss is about...


Its like chelsea the two times they won the premiership... They'd get criticised if they only won 1-0...

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Well when we are playing the LOWEST ranked team, which consists of part timers who are Ostrich farmers among other things, its a pretty damning indictment.


Its simple our prep was shit, we played two warm up games, both shit, waste of time, you don't see the All Blacks, Australia, South Africa pissing around there.


We lowered our level because it was Namibia, the All Blacks destroyed Italy! Who beat us recently.


Honestly, we need a grenade in the ass, cos we're gonna struggle v Argentina and a French team with wounded pride on home soil.


We'll be lucky on current form to get out of the group

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We have it in us to beat argentina and even france if we put the pressure on early in the game and put the shits up them.



Well, I guess you have right to dream too...


In another news... HAHAHA British boys... YOU SUCKED like you never sucked before (sort of).


30 of September is the D Day for us... :D

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