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So was hitler. Dance Tyson Dance.

Ya'll saw that last press conference? What the fuck, that dick cant even behave - intimidation's one thing, but what the fuck is a thug doin in pro boxin?

Maybe Bacchus is right (i think he's the one who told this idea), maybe he wants to stay outta boxin but King wont let him or somethin.

But even back in the day, the monkey used to jump on top of press conference tables and fuck around, like he's ali an charismatic an all, not just dumb.

Fuck! I wish Roy Jones would move up and spank him.  Cmon Roy, these are your prime years, man!

PS Aside from alla anti Tyson stuff, i wanna hear how lenox can or cant win, i havent watched as much of his fights to be honest.

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I saw on the news that Tyson was going to get his license from California or something like that.   You guys did see what happened on the news between them right?   Lenox brings his body gaurd to the face off?   what the hell is that?  Tyson practically pumbles his body guard when he grabs Tyson and Lenox claims Tyson bit him on the leg when it was all on film.  Tyson did no such thing.  Holifield was even commenting on the whole thing in Tyson's defense.    He's said it's clear Lenox doesn't want to fight Tyson, and that he's scared of him.  Why would he bring his guard boy to the face off.   YOU'RE Suposed to FACE OFF.

Oh well I still say if they ever fight Tyson going to rip him a new one.  :D

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Alright, youre prolly right there, tho i hate to admit it. I used to love how Holyfield seemed to be teachin Tyson how to actually box, but Lennox only beat Holyfield when he was out of his prime.

As for the bodygaurd thing...cmon Kee, the man's fuckin crazy.  I know intimidation's important an all, but were not just talkin bout an ear biter/possible rapist/etc, you remember last year when the man got road rage and beat the shit out of an elderly couple? What the fuck is that? He's supposed to be on medication to help control that shit since then, i doubt he's still on it.  Fuck, i read the man slugged one of his team when they commented he was gettin pudgy & needed to shape up a while back.

Point bein - If i was Lennox, id fight him in the ring, but id honestly be a lil worried that the sicko might do some dumb shit an bring a weapon to the press conference, ya know? Tyson's not a boxer, he's an ex con thug who dont know how to act, i wouldnt trust his ass either.  Just defendin Lewis a bit. :D







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no that's a picture of someone beating sandman by knock out i really don't think you can beat tyson in punch out by knock out i don't think the option was possible from my understanding you only beat him by decision and you can only fight back after the first round and the third round you can go at it all the way but still not win by knock out.

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OMG fuck you irish.  I would expect some dumb mother fucker to bring up some isolated shit that the man did in the past to sum up the person's entire personality and sanity.   If that's the case I heard really do remember reading "The Duke" spoke into the mic.   And Lenox is actually more talk than anything. Just because I read it or heard it from somewhere you dont' see me beliving that shit.    :angry: And rapist?  fuck you I dont' think that he did rape that girl.   You need to review the history on that shit.   If a girl comes over my house at 3AM and we have sex all night, doesn't say stop or no not once throught out the entier night (and she's not drunk or drugged)and waits forever and a day to say something about it then would you say I raped her too?   I'd do just what Tyson did.  Tell the fucking truth.  

Ok he bit the man's ear off.  That was fucking out there but no one listened to his side at all.   Do you even know what Tyson had to say as to why he did it?  If you recall the boxing match between the two of them then you'll remember that Tyson didn't get cut untill after a head but by Holyfield.  Wheather it was intentional or not.   That's how he got the cut.  Maybe Tyson didn't have to go that far.   Maybe Tyson actually is fucking crazy.   Maybe he really was taking medication.  But does all this make it right for Lewis to bring his rude guard boy with him to start shit with Tyson?  Check the new's it's all over.   Tyson didn't start shit and he's still catching heat for it.    I guess "some people" just cant see past "some things."  You're one of the last people I would have expected to say shit like that.   Being an X con makes him automatically guilty seems the attitude you're taking.   That man paid his dept.   What else do you want from him?

Is it so bad to be human after all?   I hope they fight and I hope he schools Lewis.

you know just defending Tyson a bit here  :D

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What a load of shit.

Walkin right past your faggot-ass Duke bashin - hey, people always jump on shit better than themselves, eh? fair enough - lets take a look at it.

I dont think he raped her either. I dont fuckin care.  One incident? Did your ass even read my post? Motherfucker, the man didnt just get accused of rape, he didnt just bite holyfield's ear, he also attacked a couple for bumpin into his car, beat on old folks out of "road rage". Fuck you for this standin up bullshit, you need to get off this sensitive "no one can judge" bullshit and realize the man acts like a goddamn child and deserves to be treated like one.  He may've paid his debt, but no, he shouldnt fuckin box.  Not that every one in their is a professional - im the first to say dirty shit goes down in this sport - but fuck, at least others know how to act.  Ill defend Ali not wantin to fight in Vietnam for his beliefs, but fuck off for makin a hero outta Tyson.

Holyfield - a real boxer - did headbutt him, and more than once.  That dont mean you bring the match to a goddamn streetfight; call the ref or headbutt back.

Oh, so what i read bout the man is shit, but you read he's a great guy & the Duke is gay and thats fuckin cool with you, huh? Youre a fuckin great guy sometimes Kee, but you can really be a fuckin hypocrite.  I voiced an opinoin on the man & you attack me personally, what the fuck? Now i remember why i dont debate shit with you anymore.  Way to act like a child & piss on your friends.

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Always one at every party, to take a lighthearted conversation & fuck it up for folks. Movin right along...

Artistic, you buy alla that, Lewis bein all talk & Tyson's the main man an all? I cant say Ive seen all of Lewis' fights but he seemed pretty fuckin decent, was kinda sad to see him take Holyfield back then, but the man had his share of victories.  Guess its just me & Bacchus thinkin Lewis could very welll take him, but i was honestly hopin to hear more examples (ie, Tyson's record, matches he's fought someone who boxed like Lewis, and vice versa), not childish mudslingin - anyway, im hopin to move this topic from just opinion to some facts; anyone know of matches like what im talkin bout?

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Uh...apparently Kee was bein sarcastic, and tho his opinions are clearly wrong for challengin mine, ( :D ) it mayve seemed like i flew off the handle again down here in fight club, but i assure everyone, it was all a big joke! Hahaha...nothin to see here folks, just walk on by & talk bout the boxers....:emotions:

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Tyson and Lewis won't be fighting as far as I've investigated it.   Unless the great White Folks of the Boxing federation gives Tyson a license.   It was all a pablicity stunt done by Lewis.  Tyson never bit Lewis.   Lewis knows the same thing that I know, the same thing that Tyson know's, and know's the same thing that all the people who have actually watched Tyson and Lewis.   Tyson will kick his ass.   That's why he pulled that shit at the face off.   He's scared of Tyson.   Now I want Tyson to get in the ring with him more than ever.   And play by the rules ofcorse.   The end results

Lewis on his back. First round as usual in a Tyson fight.

I know Tyson will knock him out anyway Lewis does not have a good chin I mean Oliver Mccall knocked hm down with one punch and damn Rahman knocked him out so I can only imagine what Tyson would do to him.



visit this sitehttp://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/7716/tysonpsyeval.htm

  Does the chosen medical institution believe that Mr. Tyson is mentally fit to compete within the rules and regulations of the sport of boxing, without another incident wherein Mr. Tyson says he "snapped"?

    It is the opinion of the evaluation team that Mr. Tyson is mentally fit to return to boxing, to comply with the rules and regulations, and to do so without repetition of the events of June 29, 1997. While we take note of the impulsivity, emotional problems, and cognitive problems outlined above, it is our opinion that none of these, alone or in combination, render Mr. Tyson mentally unfit in this regard. We feel that the treatment recommended above will further increase his fitness and ability to participate successfully in boxing.



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