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Tokyo Game Show 2007


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So, the big show's coming up. A lotta ground for 2008 can be gained, and lost, at least wtih us fanboys anyway. Sony's been looking to 2008 since E3, and i dont exepct too much change there; MS spent most of the show highlighting this year's offerings (for retailers, natch) so many have hopes theyre gonna have something next year to rival the tremendous offerings PS3's hoping for during the year. Personally, im not looking for quantity, but a handful of quality titles from both sides, as well as the welcome surprises.

And before you ask, no, Nintendo's not coming, but they never really do for this show. That said, what are youre expectations? I think we should list them here, and take bets. Blatantly biting off of Kotaku, ill allow us 10 points, you can distribute them as you like, and in a few short weeks, we can see who came out on top. Here's mine:




Official new sixaxis (with rumble) is debuted, given release date, possibly price. +2

Ueda (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus) premeirs his next title. +2

Home gets official dates; news of either firmware 2.0 or at least details on unified online gaming. +1

Square announces next title for PS3: im going with Kingdom Hearts 3 and not the longshot FF VII remake. +1




Lost Oddysey gets official date; Mistwalker shows/gives details on Cry-On. +2

Alan Wake details emerge. +1

Ninja Gaiden Sigma/etc 2 announced (im not comitting on a platform here). +1



few solid votes in there, few longshots. I know we'll get things on MGS, Halo etc, but what new details, im unsure. In any event, if more than half of that comes to light, ill be happy and walk away with more to look forward to than the other shows thsi year, for the most part.

What do you think?

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Hell the fuck yes! The first game was the best action game of the last generation. It was balls hard, but always fair, and the combat was in a league of its own. If you have a 360, grab the Black, rerelease, as it has a bunch of new weapons and shit. If you happen to own a PS3, then Ninja Gaiden Sigm is the newest, graphically badass version, it plays just as well, and is all shiny and new. I'd own it if I could justify paying 60 dollars for a game I have purchased twice already.

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Hehehe! I can't wait for this game, sequel to the best action game ever!!!!!!!!


wait, this looks nothing like Gunstar Heroes... :2T:


ok, so ninjas and decapitation, likely +1 for me. George, get back here goddammit, you didnt make your best. Or DoJ, newt, etc.

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Kinda a cheat as new stuff has just been announced but thus far I guess I'll stay away from MS stuff:


PS3: White Knight Story Playable +1

PS3: MGS4 New trailer +2

PS3: New Square Enix RPG +1

PS3: Home dated: +2

PS3: New Controller: +1

PS3: FF7 remake +1

Wii: Kingdom Hearts 3 +2


Can't think of much else, as MS has just done most of their announcements.


Which are

XBLA Megatons: Rez HD, Every Extend Extra Extreme, Ikaruga, Trigger Heart, Exit and Omega Five. Wow!

Infinite Undiscovery published by Square, developed by Tri-Ace

Ace Combat 6 exclusive according to Namco.

Gundam Operation Troy

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