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Marvel relaunched the Nova book after Annihilation and it's great! Everybody I know is sleepin' on this book! If you read Annihilation then you'll know what's going on, but it's not required to enjoy this book! Basically, Richard Rider now has the collected consciousness of the now wiped out Nova Corps along with all their power! He has become a one man army and is saving alien races throughout the universe that are threatened by hostile badguys! The first issue shows that he might be working to hard and decides to head home to Earth to take a breather! Well, he shows up at the height of the Civil War and is asked by Tony Stark to register! Disapointed by what has happened on Earth with all their petty BS, he leaves to help the universe again! The writer is awesome! Read this already!


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Its hard to push a book that even you wouldve assumed was a joke before tho, man...

read up to # 4 or so, i dont know shit about this guy (never read an issue of new warriors) but its good, the stark stuff & beyond has been solid. Im trying to send it to chief, he'd love it, but his shit's down this week, so more later.

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