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With this first collaboration, Danger Mouse and Jemini offer an interesting take on hip-hop, classic and modern, and produce one of the most exhilarating albums of the year so far. Their unique blend of sounds and rhymes is utterly essential, whether you’re into hip-hop or not.





Ghetto Pop Life Intro

Ghetto Pop Life

Omega Supreme (Who?!)

What U Sittin On?

The Only One

Take Care of Business

That Brooklyn Shit


Copy Cats

Don't Do Drugs


Bush Boys

Here We Go Again

I'ma DooMee

Knuckle Sandwich


I've been meaning to make this thread. Man, what a great album (it's older)! These are some of DM's best beats and Jemini is a genius! Tracks "Medieval" and "Bush Boys" are my two favs, but the whole damn LP is ridin'! Download the tracks if you like, but these guys deserve your money for this album!

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this shit was good.


Danger got his name off of that Jay-Z/Beatles mashup "The Gray Album", Gnarles Barkley and the DangerDoom cartooon network album (which was surprisingly good), but this really worked. Danger's production & Jemini's vocal stylings fit for most of the tracks, i was filtering through about 20 gigs of music to see what tracks'd go & what id keep, and aside from Madlib's "Shades of Blue" this was about the only album i kept almost every track off of. Props again to panch for the recommendation a while back; on a similar note, coming up in my queue is the sleeper Barkley album from last year or so, "The odd couple".

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