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Ok, so I rented Mr. Brooks (Costner :sad: , Demi Moore, Dane Cook, William Hurt) and I tell you that this movie was great. I use the word great, instead of good or alright. This flick was so humorous as far as the interaction goes between Mr. Brooks(Costner) and his alter imaginary schizo counter part (Hurt). Costner plays a well respected owner of a 'box' corperation and is 'man of the year' in his community. He just has a small addiction called serial killing. The way he murders, what he does after the murders, and his conversations with his other half (Hurt) basically let you see what he is thinking. I swear that Hurt and Costner had to have fun filming this flick just on their own roles with each other. Costner is so calm and collected and really puts on a good show. Not one part of this movie lost my interest. It has this whole 'several stories in one' feel but it is really just one big story. Moore was good in this flick, she played the mentally strong, slightly bad ass woman cop very well, and you can thank GI JANE and co. for the prep work. Dane Cook plays a semi-goofy gone bad photographer who wants to follow the foot steps of Brooks/Costner. Cook doesn't play his normal funny self and tries to steal the spotlight. He played a supporting role and played it fairly well, and this is coming from someone who doesnt think Cook is that good of an actor (but I effing love his stand up). There are a few misdirections in this flick which I think gives it the attention grabbing effect that it has. I feel that this movie is one of the best that I have seen in a good while.



"An asshole is an asshole"... moment of silence, followed by a blank stare from Costner to Hurt... then a simultanious laughter from the two..."HAHAHAHAHAhahahaha hahahaaa"


You just gotta see it.


Signal(seacrest) out

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lemme do some research here. I read somewheres that they are gonna do the prequal to explain all of his previous murders from the point where Mr. Brooks picks up, and go backwards in the movie to the first time he did it. Then end it in the ending that noone would ever believe. So that just tells me that he si gonna wake up in the very end as a boy and be like "oh wow, I got a messed up head, but those were cool dreams, mebbe when I get older I will act it all out"


or something messed up like that.


Yea, Costner was uhhh, :welcome: yea, HOT in this movie. I really loved his performance. I still chuckle when I look at the relationship he had with Hurt. The pauses then laughter together, was classic comedy!

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