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The Bachelor: London Calling

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Well the newest bachelor is from London. I have always sorta figured/felt that american women were the least classy, cultural, and sincere. So, I cant say that I think the brit coming to american is the wisest of placed to find love.


All american women want, is more more more. He is rich so mebbe it is the ultimate match... dunno. I'd rather find love in London if you ask me, but you didnt ask me, I just up and told ya. Well happy hunting Mr. Brit.

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no, you are all not so bad...


I should have said it better. All central floridian women are coo coo. Jesi need not apply, shes melbournian. Cent Fl has horrible greedy uncertain confused schizo (sp) ... yea, just caught up in red lining and forgets where neutral is or how to shift into a smoother gear. Anyways, I actually watched it and it was entertaining. He seems like a pretty cool guy so hopefully the drama women get weeded out and the suave ladies take over.

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