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Brick & The Lookout

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I was a big fan of both these movies. First off "Brick" is a classic film noir type but set in modern times with highschool kids. The terminology and style of speech are still the same and its also shot in color. This guy put it better.


"Brick" follows the same story structure, odd-ball characters, right down to the very smart and quick paced dialogue of a 30s/40s hard boiled detective thriller.-dylan-89






And "The Lookout"


Just another cool movie I came across around the same time which also had Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it.


"The Lookout" trailer




Anyone else seen these? Comments and what not?

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I haven't gotten a chance to watch The Lookout yet, but I love Brick so much I want to have 10,000 of its babies. ("There's a thesaurus in the library. 'Yeah' is under 'Y'. Go ahead, I'll wait") Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become a fantastic actor. The only reason I have even the slightest desire to see the upcoming GI Joe movie is because he's reportedly playing the villain.

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