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Have you no shame?


...Ok, feel much better now. EQ is a good game but i prefer Diablo 2 over it. Firt and foremost the one time cost of the game and then FREE online, but the game balance onf Diablo is great and being able to play in a password locked game with good buddies makes all the differance in the world.

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Nice ass armor, specially that second set, and impressive shield! Got some nice stuff myself but not sure if I can beat that. Then again I think my oldest char is just breaking 30 or so.


Your 81!? Crack-whore! Heh, i'm trying to beat the game with all classes before pouring myself to hit the level cap ( 90 i think? ) but I'm hoping to find some nice ass great playing through on hell mode. B)


Need to get my game running see what all i've actually got.

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Level caps at 99... Many get there by endless Hell Cows. It's fun to power level, but gets old. I need a crew of 80+ people to help me beat every quest I had left over from Hell mode... I beat Baal, but turboed through the game unknowingly.


The shield is my pride & joy. If I ever lose it... I will cry.


Yahve & I have amassed a small plethora of unique & rare items that rock. Whenever you want, you have full access, as long as you dont trade the good ones off for something that sucks. Let me know when you want to jam, I'll be happy to join you.

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I think I still have it installed if not I can get it running tonight, Whens a good time for a game for you? I get home kinda late so soonest during the week i can probably log on would be 9est, or we can try earlier in the day during the weekend.


Only downside is that i dont have LoD yet, we need to play regular D@ if we play. I'll check see if my online chares are still around and i'll use the...


room: bab

pass: clan


...if i'm in at all like the old days. whats your email I'll drop you a random line if i pop in at all in case your online. You still have Chfslap606 on aol?

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Uh... well... that's the bad news. All my chars are LOD. It's less than $20 at Best Buy now, last I checked. Prices keep dropping. WELL WORTH THE BUY.


Whisper me at *chf_slapaho on b.net. If not, yes, my e-mail is the same, so is my AIM... and Yahoo. Next post I'll try to upload some of the uniques I've collected... if they're still there.

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Sword barb? Axe's are a barbs best friend, Nothing looks more intimidating that a barbarian rushing at you with the biggest axes God ever created!


Fine gear there Chief. LoD is on hold till prolly next montyh at the earliest. ya up for a coupla regular D2 games in the meantime thou?

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So Who's in for a Crotchgrabbingly good time in Diablo 2 this weekend?




Basic Diablo II


Room: bab

Pass: clan


Time: Saturday afternoon



via AIM -- Knave540

via Email -- TopDawg540@sbcglobal.net


lvl 0 Archer-Amazon "TopDawg" is our fist lucky contestant. Any other willing adventurers care to come forth and forge a path to glory with our hero? The minions of Diablo are ripe for the plucking, almost begging to be ravaged by magic and steel.


If I we see a good turnout I hope to make this a regular weekend event.

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