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You hear a lot about movies that are so great you just HAVE to see them, and at the same time you also hear about movies that sucked so bad you'd be better off getting a root canal than to see that movie. Call me crazy however, but there are just some movies that I hear are SO BAD, it actually makes me curious to go out and rent them or see them just to see if what the people saying is true or worse. Call it a bad case of "Morbid curiosity". Just like a dead body or somethiung equally disturbing. You know it will make you grossed out to look at it, but you just gotta look! Movies can be the same way, so I decided to start a thread based on movies like that, in case some of you feel the same way I do.


One such example of these kinds of movies is "Gigli". Right and left I hear just how bad the movie really was, but I never actually seen it. It makes me wanna rent it for myself just to see how REALLY bad it is, but at the same time, I'm nervous because if it IS really as bad as everyone says it is, then I know I wasted my good hard money.


Anyone else have movies like this, or have similar experiences?

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Actually he plays Alexander the Mildly Interesting for the First 40 Minutes Then Incredibly Boring for the Rest. You get to see Rosario Dawson nude but then again you can watch Sin City and see her mostly nude and not feel like you've sold your soul.


Seriously this movie makes Troy seem incredibly interesting.

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