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PS2 Vs X-Box


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x-box sucks fookin donkey balls, I'm glad it ain't sellin'.  Jet set radio future and munch's oddessey are the only two reasons to get it, and if the X-box doesn't sell, they're bound to port them, so there's really no reason to buy the damned thing.  Next gen console war shouldbe between the PS2 and the gamecube, two GOOD systems.  :weeps for sega:

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Same here, the only game that looks worthwhile is Odd-World, but that'll probably be ported to at least PC. Gamecube looks sweet but I think PS2'll beat it, Nintendo are too strong right now to die like Sega (cheer up Junker, they'll still make games!) though, they'll still do alright.

I'd love a Gamecube but I don't think I can afford it, plus I've got my PS2 now anyway, I can still dream..... :D No! Wha! :0  I wasn't asleep! Was just resting my eyes!  :wary:

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