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Boldly Going Nowhere

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Boldly Going Nowhere


So evidently, Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day (Mac, Dennis and Charlie on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) are producing and writing a sci-fi comedy series that is supposedly alot like Sunny. It's on Fox, which is always bad news, but they have a two-year contract, so that's a good sign. Someone who was lucky enough to read a script said:


it really is It's Always Sunny in space, full of "selfish idiots" who pretty much ruin their own lives and the lives of others in every episode. The cast is made up with a pompus Captain Ron Teague, pilot Jane Beck (who is bipolar), head of security and body-builder Cobaltand, a robot who has been programed by the captain to be a wuss (the captain is afraid of robot uprisings), and the mechanic Pete who is a Manphibian. Lt. Zander Centari is sent in to make sure the crew is up to snuff, and of course it isn't.


While casting isn't complete, Kurtwood Smith (the dad from That 70's Show) and Tom Arnold are rumored to be in talks.


I hope it single-camera show without a soundtrack (like Sunny). I hope the writing is as strong as it is on Sunny.


It will be a mid-season replacement show, so it's still a few months away.

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