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Just wanted to see of those keepin up with current comics, who's liking who.  Granted, i reached a bit at times - the last few names are a bit green to be on the list, but then Grant Morrisson isnt exactly new, but New X-Men is just too badass these days not to put him on.

Oh, and Ennis aint on so he doesnt automatically steal my vote & that of our Preacher's Divinity folk. :D

Anyway, lemme know what ya think people, im tryin to keep these polls to around once a week to give em a lil bit of time before theyre buried.

PS My vote & explanation when im doin figurin out who gets it..man, theyre's some good names there.

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Good poll,  but I'm torn between my two favorites.  You've gotta love Kevin Smith for bringing back a dead character and make him damn interesting.  Yet Strayvenski (sp?) can write these bad ass stories that makes you wanting more.  Midnight nation though I was hesistant at first, is turning out to be a really cool book.  I guess that's the sci-fi lover side of me talking.  But Kevin Smith is the king of dialogue.  He can make anything into a hot selling book and bring Marvel back from the dead ie. Daredevil.  Even Oni Double feature and Walt Flannagin's dog... :D So again...I'm torn.  I guess I have to wait til I'm drunk again and vote on impulse.   :D

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A response! That's good.

Yeah, my choices are similar: its really down to Smith vs Strazinsky tho im leanin towards the latter. I too enjoy Smith's dialogue, but there's more of Amazing Spidey, Rising Stars, Midnight Nation etc than Smith's short stint on Daredevil (granted, i thought it was the best the book's seen since Frank Miller) and Green Arrow.  New X-Men makes me want to consider Morisson, just like Origin hypes Jenkins, but i the end, its lookin to be Strazinsky.

PS havin actually talked to Bendis, i can verify the guy's actually pretty cool, not as big an asshole as some make him out to be.  Also one of the best dialogue writers out there, tho not my personal favorite.


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I know what you mean.  I was afraid to lean too much to strazinsky's side.  Yeah he's really good.  And smith only does short mini's and though his stuff rocks.  Strazinsky does put out more stuff and it's all quality too.  Though he's got a hard time putting the books out on time, he's quality makes up for the lateness.  so hmm...guess that seals the vote.  I hope that smith can forgive me for not picking him.  Considering I've made myself his personal advocate.  Oh well...Hail J. Michael strazinsky... :D

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Don't read all his stuff but I went for Bendis, partly cos I just read a collected version of Jinx, damn good book!

Powers is constantly good, I mean even the 'Hello!' magazine parody issue and Alias was one of my most anticipated books when I'd be going to the shop (which I only get to do about once a month, it's an hour of a bus trip away! ???) of last year.

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Jinx TPB was good stuff, was curious bout the spinoff of Goldfish.

Kinda wish id've added Peter Milligan now that i'm all caught up on X-Force with him and Mike Allered (Madman, the comic, not the troll), didnt read much of him back in his Vertigo days of "Shade: The changing Man" but X-Force is unlike most Marvel books ive read...really fun stuff, tho i admit at times i'm readin it just for Doop.


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I agree, just wish it'd come out more than once every 2 or 3 months! Ah, at least the man's got a good excuse - I hear there's supposed to be a movie deal goin down.

Also, i loved last month's cover, been tryin to find an image of it online for a while now.

Yahven - No votin for Bendis? You seemed to really go for Utlimate Spider-Man...

Bacchus - Cmon, youve read that and New X-Men now, youve gotta have some say here.

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Alright, some more thoughts on the writers:

-Kevin Smith: Golden boy these days, anythin he touches makes top ten outta nowhere. Again, i like how he picks the no-namers: gives him room to work with, yet he chooses to stay within its weak contiunity sometimes, almost outta respect.  I wouldnt mind if he didnt, to be honest.

Current projects:  Just signed onto Marvel exclusively for a year or so; theyre handing him Amazing Spider-Man after he finishes Spider-Man/Black Cat miniseries. Should be really exciting, i dont know what artist he'll get tho (possibly Romita Jr?)

-Morrison:  Gettin crazier by the day, but damn is New X-Men goin strong.  Cassandra Nova's been dealt with, i hear rumors of a great Pheonix saga comin up.

Currnet projects: Vertigo's The Filth miniseries of his just started, reminds me of his old Invisibles but cant say for sure till a few more issues come out.

-Azarello: Seems to be tying up some of his loose threads in Hellblazer, wonder if theyre pullin him from it soon? Hope not.

Current projects: Dunno, but i really wish i could read more 100 Bullets and that fucked-up Hulk miniseries he did, Banner.

-Bendis: Did anyone read Ultimate Spider-Man special? It was the ending to his Ultimate Marvel Teamup book, went out with a bang.  He's trimming down the books a bit, which is good: i have a recent interview of his on CD if anyone wants to hear it.

Current projects: Too many to name, think he's one of the hardest workin guys out there: Ultimate Spider-Man, Powers, Alias, Daredevil (i think), few others.

-Stracynski: Mignight Nation's over! Damn, that was a fun run.  He's only a few issues shy of ending his epic Watchmen-esque Rising Stars: after that, he's got the same exclusive Marvel deal as Smith.

Current Projects: Finishing up Rising Stars, possibly a movie out of it, and a new Spidey book for him when he gets bumped over for Kevin Smith, tho i hope he stays with Romita Jr as his artist, that guy's great.

-Mark Millar: I dont know much bout this guy outside of Ultiamte X-Men and [/b]Ultimates[/b] (Avengers), but he seems good at juggling cast members of team books, that aint easy.

-Paul Jenkins: Origin's done, got the hardcover and its nice..i admit the ending was rushed, tho.  Ill post more on him when i finish his run on Inhumans, i hear it really stands out.  Oh, read The Sentry, that Marvel Stan Lee hoax...was a fun book, 6 issues or so, i recommend it for abstract superhero stuff.

-Bruce Jones: Heh, he's even got a comic book name...seriously, i know fuck all bout this guy, but he's makin The Hulk one of those marvel books alongside Ennis' Punisher that i really look forward too each month: if youre not readin this one, youre a fool, go check out Marvel.com (the link is at the top of this indiviual forum).  Its intelligent, very cinematic, fudgitive-esque.  Banner's on the run from government agencies, while Hulk's back to Jekyl & Hyde (the most interestin part of his charcter, often gets neglected).  I cant recall a time this book's been this good.

-Greg Rucka: I liked the 1st issue of Queen & Country, wish i could find more of it, or that Whiteout book he started on.  More on this guy in a few months when he (supposedly) starts a regular series of Fury, which i fear will suffer in Ennis' shadow.

-Joe Kelly: I put this guy down strictly for Action Comics # 775, the one on why a modern-day Superman doesnt killl: that's the single best Superman tale ive read in a long ass time, at least since Ennis' Hitman featured him, or perhaps since Superman: Man for all seasons.

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Fuckin' A Bendis! How the fuck is Stracynski winning? Is there no justice. Yeah, ASM is good - but it's not great. He pulls out some really super shit, and then a few frames later it'll be cringe-worthy. Bendis on the other hand is just classy as fuck. Daredevil is (and has been for a long time) my favorite on-going series, and it just gets better and better. He proved that he could make the Ultimate Universe work (though props t'Miller are in order too...just not as many) and then there's Alias...sweet, sweet Alias...


I was kinda pissed that it was getting cancelled but I reckon that "The Pulse" will fill in the gap, albeit with less cussing, drinking and hard-sexin'! Ulrich and Jessica are a match made in heaven and I can't wait t'see what happens when JJJ and Jessica clash. Plus, I was reading that the first arc'll be about Spidey (something that couldn't be done MAX) and then - get this - they'll be doing Wolvie! Now that's gonna be good.


Anyways here's the rundown...


Kevin Smith

Can't go wrong with his DD or GA runs, plus the Clerks one shots and J&SB mini were great. Can't say much about "Bluntman and Chronic". That was just plain UGH. It had it's moments though. The big problem with him though is the deadlines. "The Evil Men Do" and "Target" are how late you say...


Grant Morrisson

I really didn't dig New X-Men at the start, but I really got into it after a while. Great book. Dunno about the Invisibles 'cause I never picked it up, but the JLA books I picked up were interesting enough - and that's coming from a staunch FUCK D.C. guy.


Brian Azarello

Uhhhmmm....he's alright...pretty hyped up if ya ask me. Any reccomendations that may sway my judgement?


Brian Michal Bendis

The shit. I've said enough above.


J. Michael Stracynski

Same deal with him. Called him already.


Mark Millar

Ultimates alone gets him a big up in my book. I mean, he made Thor great!


Paul Jenkins

Origin and the first ish of "The End" is all I know him by. Origin was fucking brilliant though, so he gets propped for that. Another one who I'd take reccomendations about.


Bruce Jones

Don't rate him. Hulk-cock. Alls I read were the DotComics, and they didn't float my boat. Gimme Peter David any day.


Greg Rucka

Another one who I think is too hyped. All fur coat and no knickers as the fish-mongering women on Moore street in Dublin say...


Joe Kelly

Ohhh...I really dug "Poptopia" - he did that, right? As for reading Superman, ask me bollocks. Wizard keep on pimping out an ish that he did though as one of the best Superman books ever. Maybe I'll look for that one.

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Eh..remember, this was like 2 years ago, JMS wasnt so hit-and-miss on Amazing Spidey back then. Plus, every month, you got that, Midnight Nation (excellent series), and Rising Stars, the closest thing weve had to Watchmen in a while...damn shame Top Cow got into a feud with him; now the series is left hangin with 2 or 3 issues to the finale... :D


Plus, i wasnt readin Daredevil or Alias then, just USM and Powers. Now, havin read em, id give it to Bendis hands-down. My replies:


-Smith: DD was fun, not nearly as good as Bendis & Maleev. Green Arrow was fun too, but he really left folks hangin on the Black Cat mini-seris and DD: Hard Target. Cmon, man. They were gonna give him a monthly Spidey book, i dont see that happenin now. I know, he's got movies...


-Morrisson - Im with you, which i coulda seen Doom Patrol, heard much good on it. JLA started of strong, anyway. Man, i really dont like Mark Waid much these days.


-Azarello: If you want more Hulk-Cock, read Banner, a fun Hulk mini. I liked his stint on Hellblazer, and have only read the first trade of his 100 Bullets but its supposed to be some of vertigo's finest out right now, im sure its worth a look.


-Benids: Hardest workin man, more so than James Brown.


-JMS: Above.


-Millar: Agreed, Ultimates is cool as hell, and im interested in how he's doin it in 12-issue voules now. Yeah, more #1 issues, but the idea is new creative teams can jump on without bein bogged down too much; we'll see how it works, but i like the theory.

Trouble has gone cliche a bit, but again, the man cant be faulted for his ideas. Oh, and Ultimate X-Men deserves more credit.


-Jenkis: I dont think ive read most of his Vertigo stuff. Yeah, i dont see how anyone calls Origin "boring", damn newsarama fanboys! Dont have $ for "The End" yet, but as soon as i do, its top priority! ???

Oh! Im readin his 12 issue story on Inhumans right now, the one from Marvel Knight's first wave? Its damn fine, made me give a fuck bout these guys. Im halfway through, ill post back when im done but damn, the man can really make you give a fuck sometimes.


-Jones: A mixed bag. When he started on Hulk, i loved it. It was smart, Fudgitive-like. Mystery and such, not all poorly done fight scenes.

Then, it got convoluted; i couldnt remember one plot element from another face per issue, and dropped it in favor of trades. I think what went wrong is, unlike Bendis, he took too long to deliver, and some feel it kinda flopped when he did. Ill defend his early Hulk stuff, but even i dont read the current ones.

His Wolverine/Hulk: Six Hours was mediocre at best; Wolverine: X-isle and The Call: The Precinct were ass on paper, he really let me down with those two. :ill:


-Rucka: Mmm, maybe, but what have you read? I hear his Batman stuff was fun. He got my attention on Queen & Country and Whiteout, both really good books. I didnt dig his Wolverine/Elektra: Redeemer as much, but it had Amano's art. I back him cause of his current Wolvy stuff; honestly, wait till you read the trade "The Brotherhood", and i think youll see him in a different light.


-Joe Kelly: Yup, you & me are both Marvel whores. But, if you want that issue, its Action Comics # 775: "Whats so funny about truth, justice & the American way?". Its basically a one-shot of Superman vs a mock-version of The Auhtority, whose ringleader reminds me of a potshot on Warren Ellis. Supes had to justify why he wont kill in this day & age; its a interestin book for seein an ounce of character, which i hadnt since Superman for All Seasons...if youre in any way interested, check the quarter bins & such, its a fun issue.

Oh, and im still waitin on my local bookstore to get "Poptopia" so i can read it there, after your recommendation.

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