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Ive been trying to finish Day of the Tentacle for years now, here's to hoping SCUMM VM on PSP helps me do just this. I swear ill beat Grim Fandango this year, too. Anyway, this.




Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition Sails To 360?


Both a mysteriously disappearing German rating and sources close to Adventure Gamers seem to indicate that a special edition of The Secret of Monkey Island is on its way to the Xbox 360.


We first caught wind of this via GamerBytes, who managed to snag a picture of the German listing before it was removed from the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle website. The listing was for The Secret Of Monkey Island - Special Edition, with the system listed as the Xbox 360 and the publisher Activision Blizzard Deutschland GmbH, the European publishing arm for LucasArts.


Adventure game website Adventure Gamers claims that independent sources have already confirmed the existence of the project to them, with a planned revelation during E3 2009 in two weeks.


So what could the special edition tag mean? Is this a completely overhauled HD remake, or just the original title stretched and filtered? Will it be an Xbox Live Arcade title, or a full on Xbox 360 retail release? Does the project even exist?


We've sent out requests for more information to both LucasArts and Microsoft, though if the game is planned as a big E3 reveal, chances we'll get official confirmation before then are slim.


I know Shafer over at Double-Fine dont have the rights to this stuff, but no idea why Lucasarts is sitting on them...the Wii's ideal for this shit, and aside from Escape from Monkey Island having made its way somehow to the PS2, ive seen little console love for my favorite PC genre - here's to hoping this one works out.

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not to self, load scumm on psp...


its super easy. the program's readily available on the SCUMM site, and the games/ROMs are the exact same files youd use on PC SCUMM VM. Bish is rigth that it lends itself well to DS pointing and such (havent yet tried that) but the PSP screen is a winnar in my book.

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