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If you're a fan of boss fights, in any way, this game is superb. I can't stress enough the way that each of the bosses you fight makes certain not only that you know what your abilities are, but that you're thinking of ways to use them to great effect. The final few boss fights in particular are some of the most memorable in my gaming career, as is the game's first boss fight against that asshole Metal Gear Ray. After MGS2's RayWaves, it was just satisfying to butcher the shit out of one.



The basic enemies are less memorable, overall, but they're fodder. You nick them up and then you cut them in half for their juicy electrolyte spines, and once you learn to swiftly cut through them without taking a hit. Overall, though, at least in my time through the game, precision control in dealing damage wasn't my main goal, wheras being aware of enemy movements and how free my attacking made me played a huge part in DmC, something made even more clear during my time with the Virgil DLC.


If you're a fan of action hack'n slash you really need to give this title a go. If you're a fan of the ideas of metal gear but not the long-winded cutsenes, there's a bit of that here too. If you are, though, you're still in luck! In fact, there's (what feels like) a full two to three hours of completely optional dialogue available through codecs going over everything from the financial impacts of a russian oil pipeline on small-town finances to the ethical dilemma of turning off one's capacity for emotional connections to other people and what it would mean for humanity should such measures become widespread.


I recommend playing this game. Because fuck yea platinum games and fuck yea boss battles.

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...okay, yeah, we're getting to that point where i've accepted this isn't a proper MGS, it's VR missions by Platinum and i'm getting excited for it. not "gotta have that massive LE" excited, but i wanna play it.


This game feels more like an "mgr" IMO (see what I did there :D)


This game has been the most enjoyable in 2013. Even over tomb raider, which was presented just as good via gameplay if you could get past the terrible voice acting all the same (however better than this metal gear).


I almost regret not getting the collectors edition for this game, just as bad as I missed out on the borderlands set. My gaming prowess will not grant me the patience to plat this 1 just yet.. I'm sure mal had that covered in like -.05 playthroughs.

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Gonna finish up the vr before trying for s ranks.


From what I've seen so far, VRs don't seem as hellish as MGS2 VR missions, thankfully.



I recommend playing this game. Because fuck yea platinum games and fuck yea boss battles.


Seconded. In regards to the parentage of the game, it's much more Platinum than Fox (Platinum obviously contribued the dominant genes). Some of the most satisfying boss battles in recent memory, particularly the final boss! Some great lines, and payoffs. It definately does not satiate stealthwise (despite Raiden's frequent claims of it being his specialty) but in terms of enjoyable combat that makes you feel like a badass, it definately delivers. I liken it to Arkham City, where I would go out of my way to beat the snot out of minions just cause combat was so much fun. While I don't want this to supplant the series proper, it is a welcome spin off that I hope gains traction to become a series of it's own.

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