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  1. Binged it. ...there are no good people in that story.
  2. AC. Fire Emblem 2nd playthrough, PSO2, Plague INC. (lel)
  3. I've got like 2 copies of that sitting around somewhere collecting dust XD
  4. Other rumors are saying Sony wants to flat out buy Silent Hill and Castlevania from Konami.
  5. Yeah they are setting up some large scale GoT stuff
  6. Loving the idea, and yeah i'd lose my shit if true - but this is kinda one of those...I don't want to get hyped for clickbait articles. Cite me some sources or just come out with the news then i'll fucking SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS HOW PUMPED I AM. ...but don't play with my heart.
  7. It's good, and yeah it was a bit tougher than i thought it would be.
  8. I'm actually doing my write up on this right now for our podcast finale tonight. There's a lot of rumor and speculation flying right now and they need to dial it back a little. And to be fair, in the history of comics - DC was marvels publisher back in the timely days and sometime after.
  9. Honestly, I don't even need Wes Anderson trailers anymore. Just tell me one of his movies is coming out and give me a release date.
  10. Welp, I got in this weekend despite some server hickups (obviously, it was a beta and to be expected). What I saw: A lot of people on. vets helping new players and everyone overall having a blast. PSO but *faster*: The game is fast. As a ranger in PSO 1 i remember standing, shooting 3 times slowly and then moving. Not here. Movement is the name of the game my dude. You can jump, run and fully use the 3D environment to your advantage. You can make time for it unlike other MMOs: Theres a lot of MMOs out there that feel like a slog. PSO2 is built with quick
  11. Dual blade hunters are cool and all, but i'd like to introduce you to....the Bouncer class. http://www.bumped.org/psublog/pso2-episode-3-releases-with-bouncer-class-and-casino/
  12. Most def. Ill be livestreaming it on an off all weekend when I'm not watching Locke and Key. Pretty much already have my character planned out as much as I can without having the game in front of me. New classes look cool. Loving the idea of dual classing like you could in FFXI. There seem to be some minor things some people won't like because its free to play (you can only have 2 characters, 1 mag per character without buying, buying more inventory spaces is cash, some cosmetics are cash only) but nothing is paywalled content wise. There's even like a season pass kinda thing that you can comp
  13. PSO2 is about to launch on the Xbox insider Beta Friday. Rumors say it should launch on steam soon (no set date yet) and other platforms TBH. It is free to play, has tons of content since its been going in Japan for some time. Any PSO fans here and anyone going to jump in when it comes out? I know I'm going to do some streaming of the beta this weekend. Between this and Locke and Key my weekend is set!
  14. So yeah, on a VERY simple level, it's Game of Thrones in space but good. And I hate that comparison but it's the easiest to go to. GoT in the sense that there's a lot of characters, 3 factions (Earth, Mars and the Belt) all trying to expand out into the galaxy when we finally come across something we don't understand. There's a lot of to unpack as it asks questions like: What happens when the Earth is united and there's universal basic income for everyone? I know this is going to sound horrible but economy is a huge factor in the show - job economy, food and water etc... Friend of
  15. Anyone else here watching the expanse? I'm on my re-watch before S4, and I've read all the books up to S4. (I try not to get ahead). I think it's some of the best television out there and in my picks for top shows of the decade.
  16. I found value in the remake, even if I was not in love with it. Hell, McKinnen is a national treasure and is basically carrying SNL right now - but that's not why we are here. I followed the GB hashtag all day, because I thought the fanboys were going to lose their shit. Reception has been fairly positive. There has been some "not my Ghostbusters" but you know what, maybe at this point Ghostbusters isn't for you and we need to hand it off to a new generation. (btw, in the history of the GB, all the rewrite, all the lost ideas Ackroyd had, it was ALWAYS going this way).
  17. Here's my hot take on The Mandalorian. 3 eps in. Loving it. I think my big take away is that it really delivers a genre to the masses that normally people would not enjoy and makes it accessible. The best way I can put it is.... the maguffin being what it is - instantly makes the show have mass appeal for people who wouldn't normally watch like...a western or samurai type movie (even if it is star wars)
  18. So....who's actually playing? I'm on chapter 6, so I'll keep this spoiler free as possible. "It's a walking/Delivery sim". - people Sure. If you boil it down to its core components. Also DOOM is just a shooting game, or COD is JUST a military sim. Or Mario is just a game about jumping. A game is more than the core concept it presents. Superhot sold you on the cool you control time concept and layers a pretty dark story on top of it. "Kojima has too much metaphor in his games and it doesn't make sense" - I dunno, some asshole on the internet I d
  19. Druid is BACK baby. Getting that D2 feel.
  20. I used to fence, now I just occasionally go to a range to shoot my bow. I don't hunt, it's more of a zen thing for me.
  21. I booted it up this weekend (hey thanks game pass) and holy SHIT. Bethesda should be afraid. Obsidian is bringing the heat with this game and am loving it.
  22. Finished it here as well. All previous comment stand. Get through the first season and a half and get to the fun. Its a fun take and really plays with the mythology in a good way.
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