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  1. I'd be curious to hear more too. Disappointed they didn't go fully customisable on the library. I mean, there are barely 3000 ps1 titles...how much work could it possibly have been... No Twisted Metal 2 = no dice
  2. Go for season 3 hands down! It pushes the substance of the series into every dark smelly crevice you can think of. Also Black Museum; it's like three episodes in one, and touches on a lot of the ideas that other episodes are dedicated to. I totally agree - there's a hopeful vibe to the latest season, which is a bit of a departure from what we usually get. I found the first ep strangely endearing, the other two sort of stale.
  3. I heard mixed things about Arrival, but Blade Runner 2 is pretty much all I really know about/of him as a director...and was pretty ace. Plus, from what I can see, the casting is on point. Hopes will be cooking on medium-high 'till release
  4. (Disclaimer - not an official poster, but it should be - credit https://signalstarr.com/) It must be weirdly liberating taking on a reboot where the only way is up...but at the same time, the threat of treading the same sprawling and confused path beckons. Fear is the box office killer.
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