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    Tommy boy, high fidelity,Office space,Garden state,neverending tory,the KILLERS!,DAMIEN RICE,SIA,silversidepickups,amy winehouse oh man the list goes on all day!
  1. wow thats all professional! solaras uncle is kind of a big deal i guess haha
  2. panch said he has mine! i want it! got rep for south jerz!
  3. hey girl!!! your always my cheerleader! yay!

  4. woah im i gettin flashbacks of old hondos days! lol

  5. thanx nick! i can represent in dirty jerz!
  6. hey i want one! how bout i get one pro bono! aka for frizzle!
  7. I HOPE YOU NEVER LEAVE! <333333lovelove

  8. thats all YOU have to say about spiderman! wtf is goin on!
  9. Happy birf! alright, off to myspace, where you'll see this.

  10. I will get you back round these parts, just you wait.

  11. WHAT!!! that is bs! i never lost sleep over this and i never took it too seriously! please i have to many other things to worry about than f'n hondos awards! and if i wasnt being very "sporting" im sorry i didnt see it that way! All i did was make a comment about u campaing for HB, i have nothing against her she is pretty i dont understand why im catching crap when there were MANY others who took this WAYYYY more serious than me! Yes i did get into it but it turned into more of a compition with Irish than anything else! hmpf! I do not i repeat do not want the title, Hb won its insulting that
  12. oh man american idol auditions are aug 30th! the closest one is in BOSTON!! i really wanna go but i dunno if i can come up with then money in time!!! darnit!!!
  13. aarty pic someone else for me!!! puuulleasseee!!!
  14. Actually.........I AM ADAM!!!! and Solara is a crack baby!!! Problem?! ps..Panch laughed at the show more than i did!
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