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Arc you illiterate fuck, Balrog, not fuckin Barlog, jesus!!


Thought he was pretty cool, even tho he couldn't kick!! But his character, kinda like good ol Iron Mike!!


Ken was pretty cool too tho!!


Oh and Sonya was she not a russian you fuckin spastic!!


oh btw you fuckin yanks do my fucking head in, jesus, come on Bin Laden we're all waiting for round 2!!

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Feelin the love from SOF...

Think he said Barlog 'cause i read somewhere it was a mistranslation; i once heard his name was gonna be Mike Bison (in Japan, Vega, Bison & Balrog have switched names, i believe) but that's too close to our shit boxer so they switched it. If you look at SFII: World Warrior arcade machines (the old units that displayed how to do moves & such) i think his name's "Barlog" there too. Could be wrong tho.

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wow you really like this pretend character pretender don't you yes it was a misstraslation barlog (i'll spell it how ever the fuck i please fagot) is really the character know as mike in the first part the fear of a law suit made them change the name in part 2 name changes aren't a new thing in video games the japs don't much like us i figure cause that isn't all there change in some games but before i go here's one you didn't know i'll bet guile is called nash in japan chou for now must work

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no you know who you gotta blame is them nazis why why couldn't they just muster up the strenght to win then we would be in a perfect world with no japanse version.-

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