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Saw an ad for a new version of Monopoly that has some kind of competitive skyscraper building involved.


What I want to know is if the skyscraper building is a cosmetic add-on or of it's a genuinely different way of playing the game. Also if it's a GOOD change.


So, anybody tried this?

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First I've heard of it, but it looks pretty cool.


Monopoly City is exactly like classic Monopoly in lay out, rules, and gameplay--roll the dice, move your character around the board, and try not to spend too much time in jail or go bankrupt! However Monopoly City has also made several neat changes, with newly named properties, new monetary values, futuristic buildings, and new playing cards.


Whereas with the original version of Monopoly Park Place was one of the most prestigious properties to own--with Monopoly City you will be striving to acquire a permit for the fancy Fortune Valley. The buildings are modern and 3-D, and the currency has much higher values, ranging up to five million dollars--no small change here!


Instead of property deeds, you acquire permits for the zones you'd like to build in, and this latest version also includes an electronic trading unit, making it possible to hold "public" or "private" auctions for your properties and districts.


Reviews tend to say that the goal is the same, but there are much different methods and strategies utilized to reach it.





Still waiting for someone here with some hands-on experience.

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im gonna have to wait for reviews from one of youse guys first. its not like typical monopoly games had a problem with being short in length.


"you can add more pieces to a chess board, but its not going to be better for it." - el jax on the zombie-werewolf game

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Monopoly maker secretly includes real money in special edition of game


There can’t be a Monopoly fan in the world who has not dreamed of one day playing the game with real money.


Now, for the 80th anniversary of Monopoly’s first appearance in France, manufacturers are providing exactly that - at least for 80 lucky buyers.


Only one set will land the major jackpot, in which every game note is replaced by real money - for a total windfall of 20,580 euros ($23,268).


In addition, 10 sets will contain five real 20-euro notes, two 50-euro notes and one 100-euro note.


A lesser prize can be scooped in 69 sets, which will have five 10-euro notes and five 20-euro notes.


“We wanted to do something unique,” said Florence Gaillard, brand manager at Hasbro France, which rolled out the prize sets from Monday.


“When we asked our French customers, they told us they wanted to find real money in their Monopoly boxes,” she added.

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