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yeah...not to spoil, but battlestar galactica, though great, didnt end on an ideal note, so its kinda hard for me to muster up hype here.

totally gonna wait & see here, if my fellow hondonians endorse it, ill be sure to download & check it out before 2012.

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i couldn't get through the pilot. i fell asleep 3 times and i still haven't finished it. i hope the version i saw was unedited because, jesus christ was that boring.

Is the pilot the same as the 2 hr show that came on this summer? If so then I've had a similar lack of enthusiasm. I started watching it then cut out like 15 min. in and have yet to go back to it...

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It's a different theme from BSG, yet definitely inspired by it. BSG led the way towards less sci-fi, more character driven drama. Similar in scope to Mad Men, only a bit faster :pumppump: I really like Caprica. Just don't expect any big robot fights, it centers around the family of those who created the 1st Cylon. Apparently many fans have voiced their opinions to SyFy, the new Stargate: Universe is also based of this new fangled plot + characters dramas > budget effects adventures. SyFy's answer to the economic crisis seems to be paying off.

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