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...right? its like, i went through nearly 30 years of life before i found out about them, i think through Suda51. now theyre everywhere.


i used to dig watching boxing on the spanish channel, cause they had these hardcore skinny guys that fought "to the burger". now ive got to find a channel with this on, cause i lose far too much time to youtubing this stuff.



this is so much more exciting than most MMA


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You're only learning this now? I've always described wrestling as aggressive or angry ballet.


haha, that's an awesome description. wooooo for thread activity!


that said: ASC, gen: i dont know what channel to see this stuff on, can you guys maybe youtube link some good matches?

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Super Crazy Goodness (plus Yoshihiro Tajiri)


Super Crazy vs. Tajiri pt.1



Super Crazy vs. Tajiri pt.2



Super Crazy vs. Tajiri vs. Little Guido



Super Crazy vs. Tajiri w/ Mikey Whipwreck vs. Little Guido w/ F.B.I. (ECW One Night Stand '05 last TRUE ECW event)


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