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Tomorrow when the war began

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'Tomorrow when the war began' is hands down mine and Alana's favourite book series and now they're making it into a movie. A couple of minutes ago I was so pissed off because I watched what I thought was the trailor (a bunch of people doing their own version of the book... looked like a version of blair witch hunt except with worse acting...) but then I found the real one and now everything is right in the world.


An Aussie film thats not going to embarass us! and doesn't have Nicole Kidman in it! thank fuck. I am so happy I can't sleep. Its got a home and away actor and the lead is a chick from neighbours - just in case you guys get crappy Australian soaps. Overall the story is about a group of teens who go camping and while they're gone war breaks out in Australia- so what do they do? they kick ass. My only issue is that in the books because they're in a war they loose a lot of weight... don't think thats going to happen.



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Ahahaha thread gets no love. I tried reading this series at the continued behest of Arnah but it's inaccessible in the same way Haku is: it's just nigh-impossible to get inside the head of a 14 year old girl.


Should've seen the bitch geek out at the trailer when we went to see Iron Man 2 though...

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You wish.

Queer name right? The Beach was actually nawt baad



Interesting story, fucking terrible narrative. If Arnah will let me I'll skip straight to the second book which isn't mostly titled with chapters like 'why am I bleeding down there? & Uncle Jim took me behind the barn last night

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was he dressed as the crow?


back on topic I was forced to read this book when I was in grade 7 all I can remeber is asians invade Australia and a bunch of kids decide to go commando on thier arses.


Its like the Australian version of Red Dawn, I smells me a lawsuit, mate.

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That's what you get for taking movie reccomendations from Sexy Hat.


After the fifth saturday in a row of wanting to watch Street Fighter, I think Crim & I started to know what was up and now it's once-bitten, twice shy

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