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The winner with me is PC online private gaming.


Granted multi console is fun, and Lan parties Kick ass, but at some point you wanna stop invading houses or cash runs out. Online you can Aim somebody and meet up for a quick game or organize a game and have a mega-marathon into the wee hours of the morning and just kinda pass out when you've had your fill.


Best memories of online fun include:


Diablo - Absolute kick ass. Taking on the minions of hell with gamu Plundering shit left and right, IC deftly catching all arrows not fired directly at an enemy with his back and returning them periodically to reload, Chief charging around a corner... then fleeing from 30-40 hellbeasts he didnt expect. Again... Absolute kick ass.




DOOM - I still cant belive me and Juan lanza killed a Cyberdemon (massive guy with the rocket launcher arm) with just our .45 cals... well and maybe a billion lives, heh.



Quake - Pluggin in the Crow soundtrack to replace the ingame music and playing Frag tag with woody. Skins kick ass. "Ima Mario, ima gonna wi..." TopDawg says: eat that grenade bitch! eat it! Woody181 says: you whore! :rail:


Heh, so for me nothing can touch getting some buddies together and getting a really good game going. B)

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Good topic, that's a tough one.

Default, of course id say one player console. Before movin out west, tho, i had a blast with Gamecube 4-p like Bomberman, Super Smash Bros, Chu-Chu Rocket,...wish i woulda picked up Monkey Ball. Even 2-p fighters, BeatMania, old school Streets of Rage co-op's, fuck even Halo was a blast. Im not even a fan of Chu Chu that much but when you play with the angry asian connection (Spiffy, Sephiroth & Chi-Chan) yelling things in a variety of languages whilst screwing me over & throwing things...its a blast.


Now, to give it its due, i havnet really done much of LAN'ing. TD here remembers Quake II fests at Alternate Dimensin with Woody, Chief and ohters, and those were great times - again, in a game i dont play much without that crew. Even one on one Diablo with just me & TD was an experience, often leaving me as the knight in that picture above ( :D )

Ill never deny the possibility of online gaming being some of the best times y ou can have in video games, but just as with consoles (or barhopping or any social venue, really)...for me, it depends soely on the people youre with, not the location.

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I voted "PC LAN network (i.e.) 8 PC in house network." but that's not an opinion for everbody. If you're in a dorm, Quake and Unreal Tournament rock via LAN, escepially if your rooms are close enoughthat you can leave the doors open and yell comments to each other instead of typing them out. Ah, to be in high school again....

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Just to make it a lil easier on the decision (kinda) I'm mainly looking for what you would do given the choice.


(i.e. all the above have been offered, which woul you be most likely to do?)


Some folks Hate competition and just like to beat the AI. Some folks live for vs mode, some live to make level Mods and skins to take to a Lan party, ect...

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Mods & skins are cool, one of the features ya miss out on with my consoles. I had a lotta fun with old Quake level layouts & player mods, Junker raves about Max Payne's Kung-Fu mod.

Again, competitive is fun with a good group, but i guess i lean towards co-op, usually more enjoyable even if it is a game im good at. But yeah, my choice would depend on who's there and what they wanna play...i spend enough time here & there with one player RPG's & adventure games, with LANs or arcades ill try out damn near anything multiplayer.

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See, i miss the old 2-D genre of fighting coops- Final Fight, Streets of Rage, etc. Havnet been many good ones of those in 3-D yet for some reason, that i can think of anyway.

The whole Dance Dance Revolution craze (and its spinoffs, BeatMania, DrumMania, Guitar Freaks etc) can be co-op, but at home you need periphrials.

To give the X-Box its due, tho, Spiffy got me to play co-op Halo with Yahven, and that was a blast. Its a first person shooter like most, but its you and a buddy against the hordes, andn i fondly recall chain-gunning out of the back of a jeep while crazy man Yahven drove us off many a cliff...im actually curios as to what becomes of that mode in Halo 2, as it was easily the highlight of the game.


But youre right, theres still much that can be done with co-op in the console arena (PC's have em in first person shooters like that Rainbow Six i believe...?), but im tryin to keep an eye on Capcom's upcoming "Resident Evil Online". Everyone thinks the fear factor will drop with multiplayer; i wanna see just how underequipped they leave us, and where...cant help but think of great possibilities with this one.

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Yeah Good Co-op is a thing I miss, I think Blizzard is probably one of the few companies left that option the Co-op play (DiabloI & II, warcraft, starcraft, ect...)


Microsoft actually came out with a DAMN good one with Dungeon Seige. HUGE game, great potential, lets you play through single player, get your character all leveled and play Completely different Multiplayer levels. Even has a VERY detailed level editor and a free Multiplayer Expansion levelset.


But good Co-ops are few and far between.

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The main reason I label myself a multiplayer pc guy instead of console is the fact that aside from puzzle or fighting games, haveing your own tv or monitor per person is a damned good idea. ill play multiplayer console all u want if u can manage a way to give me my own tv.


on that note, most games that wld require their own monitor are either strategy or fps versus based games. nothing beats the mouse/keyboard combo for FPS, if consoles could be easily networked (online is the simplest) and have adaptors for my mouse/keyboard, im one happy camper. i happen to agree that pc's as gaming machines are horribly over priced. u get so much bang for ur buck with a 300 console than a 300 vid card, cause you need at least a 500 computer to run that 300 dollar vid card making the console much cheaper.


ONE DAY vid card prices will be lower, one day !!

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Great responses all.


After playing a bit with the FF3 editor i've decided put put Drunken RPG on hold temporarily due to a lack of customization options.And the NES creator is a bit more complex than I thought, have to learn a new language for it.


So... with the kind of responses i've seen here i think the best thing to do would be to move on to my next Project.


Drunken Rampage: - Duck and Cover.


You are one of the FIU... The Proud... The Drunken Deities. After an all night drinking binge and hardcore Smash bro's ass handing, you awaken to an eerie red light filtering in through the blinds. Everyone seems to be gone and the doors wide open. There's sirens in the distance and you can make out choppers in the distance. The rooms a slight mess, Someone must have cleaned up before they ran. You grab your trusty Katana and down a shot of whiskey to dull your hangover and head for the door. Something ain't right and seems like your the only one aroudn to fix it.


Got a few ideas, might need some input since i'm a lil rusty on my FIU campus mapping but I think this will turn out well. Plan to make it both Deathmatch and Co-Op. See my other poll for input on this game.

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TD, great question, why didn't i see it before?


of course, IC, in a given environment, you wanna be playing with all your buddies. That's how i take this poll. I suppose the bottom of the ring for me would be single player, computer, online. But then again, you could have a mic and be playing counterstrike, which is quite addicting. I almost got into it when i played it oncampus the way i voted for - which is lan/home network gaming. This is no doubt the most expensive and unfortuantely (damn higer end computer/vid card, network cards/cables/hubs, etc), a lot of folks out there haven't had this kind of experience. I remember playing starcraft with yahve, kevin, dorothy, celso, and giannax. Words cannot describe the yelling, screaming and fun we had. I've played other games in this fashion, but since we had so many players, it was very enjoyable. Even though i most likely was the worst player, mabye, it was fun to team up and beat monster yahve, who was arguebly one of the best.


A very close second is multiplayer console. JMT, listen up.....Now, when this question was conceived, there probably wasn't the amount of multiplayer on the console as there is now. One of the most heavy factors I have an x-box is cause of co-op halo. This game mode is no joke. In addition to multiplayer frag fest, you have co-op split screen. Furthermore, not known to the average non-halo junkie, halo can be networked to other x-boxes with different screens for team play. When played as such, you can devise many strategies to take down the other team, again, without the other team knowing. this makes it that much closer to the computer lan/network. Together with the game's well balanced weapons, halo is ungodly. Serious Sam is another co-op split screen game that is out, but i'm not sure if it can be networked. There is a new game coming out - forgot the name, but it will do something that halo can't. It is FOUR, yes, FOUR player co-op FPS that anyone can jump in at anytime they want.... halo is only two person, start a new game. Mechassault is now the online leader for x-box, along with tom clancy's ghost recon (similar to rainbow six and counterstrike type of games.) Mechassault can also be networked or used with x-box live with the mic. But then again, I would prefer to play with my friends. again, you have other games(note: x-box has a network port built in and uses the same hardware as computers do. seems like x-box is the only console that has the power to support co-op multiplayer fps)


From the top of my head, there are few co-op non-fps next generation console games. Gauntlet legends and hunter: the reckenoning. IC can probably name more. remember, it's co-op, not every man for himself.

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