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At today’s DC Nation Panel at the Baltimore Comic-Con, DC Comics Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler told a fan who asked about Batman: The Animated Series that a Batman Beyond ongoing series was launching soon. The fan-favorite character, who has a DVD box set upcoming, is currently being featured in a miniseries that makes his adventures canonical within the DC Comics Multiverse for the first time.


While the fast-paced nature of a convention panel moved moved right along to the next subject, Sattler’s response piqued Lucas Siegel’s interest and he talked to DC, who verified exclusively to Newsarama that Batman Beyond will be an ongoing monthly series after the current mini is over.


There’s been no conversation about a creative team yet, although an ongoing following on the heels of a successful mini often means that the same team will take it on.

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FUCK YEAH. I was just watching Return of the Joker on my iphone this morning.








Oh. You know, putting info about a comic book in the anime forum is incredibly misleading. You, sir, are my LEAST favorite Hondonian today.

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Aaaand a negative one vote.



Harsh, but appropriate and just.


Yeah, this series was so badass back in the day. I remember seeing the commercials for it before it first aired, and there was this overwhelming air of a lame attempt to make Batman "extreme" and "edgier" as conceived by marketing executives with focus groups. While I'm sure that was part of what got the project green lit, and there is definitely a sense of that when you first start watching, a few minutes in you see that there is quality to back up the show's "extreme" look. It took me years to make the connection, but what really made me love this show was that it took everything that made Spider-Man's character so great(high school/teenage stress, taunting bad guys with snappy one-liners, etc) and put in in the world of Batman.


Is the mini finished? I'd definitely interested.

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So I read the mini, and enjoyed it thoroughly. My one major, major hitch on it, though, was that they changed Mrs. McGinnis's hair from red to black.


The new series proper has also released its first issue, which I also enjoyed. Anybody else still looking at this?

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