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If Lennon Were Never Shot...

Reverend Jax


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Time for some hypothetical Beatles ranting:


The Beatles broke up in 1970. Or maybe it had already basically been unerstood by 1969. It didn't happen all at once. It was something that had been a long time coming, maybe as far back as 1964. It is generally understood that the major conflicts were between John and Paul. Whether they were about how Yoko was changing John or how Paul was trying to take too much creative control on the recording sessions, a few things are clear: It wasn't George's violent outbursts or Ringo's spot-light stealing press domination. No, George and Ringo were frustrated with the way things were going, but it was John and Paul that were at the center of break-up.


On December 9, 1980, John Lennon was shot in New York City. Up until this point, the public had high hopes of the Beatles one day reuniting, whether it be for a tour or a new album, any hopes of the Beatles being again was gone with a gunshot.


And so this questions asks, if John Lennon had not perished in 1980, would the time between then and now been enough for John and Paul, who used to be close as brothers, to make up and put the greatest group of musicians back into a room together again? There are four choice on teh poll. Two No's, one blaming John, the other Paul, and two Yes's, one saying all it would have taken is some time, and other saying all it would have taken Yoko's death.


It is noteworthy to mention that even after John's death, the three remaining Beatles were never in the same room together until 1995 (15 years after John's murder), when they met in Abbey Road studios to work on the Anthologies, including the "new" song, Free As A Bird, created using an old recording of John singing.

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Cold-hearted as this is, Lennon's death kinda let the rest of the band have careers. McCartney went on to do Wings and some solo work that got mixed reviews, George Harrison fucking rocked the world even though everyone forgot his name, and Ringo went on to some modest success. A Beatles reunion would have just been problematic and probably wouldn't have worked between Lennon's ego and Yoko's very existence. I mean look what happened with the Zeppelin reunion and Robert Plant doesn't have half Lennon's ego.

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That and Taco Bell


said the Fat Controller


Seriously though, nothing good would come of a reunion. They had a more sucessful career as writers & performers than most groups have any business having. There's nothing more they could say or do that would add to the legend, and if it happened(not even speculating on the many reasons it wouldn't), it'd just be sad and slightly shit.

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