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Three big names in the toy/sculpture world havecreated a how to book for amateur sculptors and/or those looking to break into the sculpting biz.




I constantly get questions around the process of creating, manufacturing and selling toys, so you can only imagine the deluge that guys like Ruben Procopio, Zach Oat and Tim Bruckner get. Regular readers should recognize all three names. Ruben founded Masked Avenger Studio in 2003 after years with Disney, and has been involved with some of the best loved collectibles from DC Direct and others. Tim Bruckner has also worked as a sculptor and designer on some of the finest products from DC Direct and Gentle Giant, and is extremely well known for this exceptional work in the collector community. And Zach Oat was the editor of Toyfare Magazine, has worked with the guys at Robot Chicken, and has an intricate inside knowledge of the industry.


These three powerhouses have gotten together to collaborate on a new book called Pop Sculpture: How to Create Action Figures and Collectible Statues. The book has been released by Watson-Guptill Publications, and has a suggested retail of $30.


The book walks you through the entire creative process, with plenty of helpful tips and tricks along the way. It's intention is to give you an inside look at the process, and if you're a budding sculptor yourself, some great ideas for making the process less painful, more effective, and even more fun.

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