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SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced the upcoming re-release of Guardian Heroes™, a classic Action-RPG Brawler by celebrated developers Treasure. Originally released for the SEGA Saturn™ in 1996, Guardian Heroes has been re-mastered with enhanced graphics, online co-op and battle modes, all-new modes of play, and more. The game will be available via Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft this fall.


"Ever since we began to make SEGA's classic Dreamcast and the Mega Drive titles available for modern systems, the fan response has been overwhelming – and the demand for their favorite games has been pouring in," said Haruki Satomi, VP of Digital Business at SEGA. "Players have been clamoring for this treasured favorite from the Saturn days, and we cannot wait to show them what we have got for them."


Guardian Heroes brings the Saturn favorite to life with new HD graphics, presenting Treasure's iconic fast-paced gameplay on a new generation of hardware, with all of the convenience of purchase via instant download. The game also features:


Action-RPG Brawling: Choose one of five heroes to level up and guide along a branching storyline with five different endings

Friends, Foes, and Fighters: Play the game's Story Mode alone or with a second player, or challenge Versus Mode with up to 12 players at once

Extended Gameplay: Time Attack Mode, Arcade Mode, Arrange Mode and more allow players to explore every nuance of 45 different fighters

Fully Re-Mastered: All-new graphics and visual effects bring the classic to life in a completely high-definition, widescreen presentation.













image_guardian_heroes-rz75.jpg <hr style="color: rgb(209, 209, 209);" size="1">HD filter is optional for weird purists, and the best news is: Treasure is handling the port, not Backbone. Rejoice!

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hardcore, hats.


That's what happens when you live in a PAL territory and when you get a man with one arm to mod your Saturn. I'm not joking either, it was fucking amazing watching that guy use an soldering iron.


I also have a PS3 now too so I'm up for either port.

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Holy SHIT! Why haven't they made more games like this? It's fucking amazing.


Basically, it's a 2D brawler with the controls of a fighting game (combos and special moves, light/medium/hard attacks) and 3 planes (so you can jump to the foreground/background with a button tap). It has something like 45 unique characters, a leveling system and magic system and branching storyline paths.


All with very pretty hand drawn graphics. I casually got the demo and I'm very impressed. Definitely buying.

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this is one of the few games i can see tracking down a 1-month XBL gold pass if we could get some good co-op going (bish would be down too), doesn't look like it's ever coming to PSN at this point and it's been on my list for a long, long time now.


*edit haha i said the exact same shit over a year ago

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