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Some of you may know I have friends of friends in the development team so I have ever a VIP beta access. The beta is in its 5th phase and the game is phenomenal. I'll post impressions here and if anyone wants in, and just let me know, I've got extra keys.

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man, you MMO kids are like dealers.


haven't really followed this one - what's the setting like? what's it got to stand out from the WoWs? i though people got scared after what happened to APB last year, good to see more companies trying.

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I wouldn't call myself an MMO kid, I play them to satisfy my husband, but as for RIFT its actually quite fun.


The setting is that you from a world at the nexus of all elemental planes. Depending which faction you are you are either a Guardian of your world bestowed with power from the gods or you are a Defiant remnant of the future back in time to try and stop the Guardians, infused with similar power through magic-tech. The world is kind of falling apart, Rifts to other elemental plains threaten to open and overrun entire regions unless you and the other Ascended force them open prematurely, defeat the forces of that plane that spill out and then seal it again. Meanwhile the politics of the world are still going on and you attack and defend regions of territory and NPC groups do the same. From a gameplay perspective this could mean an NPC nation invades your region while you're in the middle of sealing Rifts that just opened up all over the region. You have to try and deal with both tasks and its a bit herculean in its demands. There are only 4 archetypal classes but within you have 3 "souls" to pick which allow you to create what is effectively a custom class.


In one instance I combined a Champion (two handed weapon specialist) with a Riftblade (infuses weapons with elemental energy and makes ranged elemental spears) and rounded it out with a Paladin (giving myself some tank and healing ability)


My caster that I made tonight combined Stormcaller, Elementalist, and Dominator so I was a strom summoning, elemental summoning, mind controller


Overall its quite a bit of fun. Its not a giant leap away from the existing formulas of EQ or WoW and Trion made the original EQ so its not surprising.


The setting and story are well presented even this early in the beta. I highly recommend at least trying it.

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Alright, so I've now officially tried three of the four archetypes. Each of the "souls" in an archetype is different enough to change play experience but the basics of play are the same within each archetype.


All Warrior types gain action points as they use basic powers and then can unleash up to 3 of them in a larger blow.

All Wizards slowly fill a "Charge" meter up to 100 at which point they can use the charged energy to unleash more powerful spells or effects.

All Rogues build up combo points in the same manner as Warriors but up to 5 rather than 4. Combo points can be used for a variety of purposes and are per target rather than Rogue herself

All Clerics get Conviction and fill up a meter which can be used to buff their spells.


No Archetype defines a type of character. If you want to be a Cleric Tank, you can do that, its not hard. Wizard is going to be a bit more "controlly" tank but still doable.


Rifts, when they open are awesome. Most players in the area will converge on it as enemies come pouring out of the rift and you have to defeat them or the zone starts being populated by those enemies too, not jus the standard fair.


I haven't spent any time with Rogue yet but I'll mess about there in a bit. I will say the game maintains an epic feel quite well even through the tutorial. Any fight could kill you if you're not paying attention unless you're in an area like 5 or 6 levels below yours. Overall I'm having fun with it.

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I didn't really think this warranted a thread, since I'll most likely be the only one playing it, but since Rift now has a free trial, I wanted to make a request to any potentially Rifting Hondonians.


If anyone here happens to end up buying the game, do me a solid and let me recruit you. I get some cool shit, you get some cool shit.

Everybody wins.


Except Blizzard.

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