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Swiped from another forum.


So DC is relaunching with the 52 titles it says are essential, so if Marvel was only going to publish 52 books, what would you want them to be? It should probably be diverse, but covering all the demographic bases and licensing bases. The original thread had people listing creative teams, but that's too hardcore for me. You guys feel free.


I guess I'll just get the big shit out of the way first.



1. X-Men

2. Spider-Man

3. Hulk

4. Iron Man

5. Captain America *groan*

6. Thor

7. Punisher

8. Wolverine

9. Black Panther

10. Avengers

11. Fantastic Four

12. Dr. Strange

13. Silver Surfer

14. Daredevil

15. X-Factor

16. Man-Thing

17. Nightstalkers

18. Power Pack

19. Heroes for Hire : Luke Cage & Iron Fist

20. Moon Knight

21. Nick Fury - S.W.O.R.D. and S.H.I.E.L.D.

22. Ghost Rider

23. Werewolf b Night

24. New Mutants

25. Doom

26. What if..?

27. Namor

28. Deadpool

29. Warlock (Adam, not the technoalien)

30. Hellstorm: Son of Satan

31. Machine Man

32. Deathlok

33. Venom

34. Ka-Zar

34. Amazing Adult Fantasy

35. What The.?!?

36. 2099

37. The Howling Commandos

38. Thunderbolts

39. Conan

40. Shang-Chi

41. Thanos

42. Devil Dinosaur

43. Beta Ray Bill

44. Howard the Duck

45. Secret Defenders (constantly changing team of mostly B-listers style)

46. Millie the Model

47. Marvel Team-Up

48. Rawhide Kid & Norhstar demographics!

49. She Hulk: Attorney at Law

50. Alias

51. Killraven: Warrior of Worlds

52. Longshot



Huh. That wasn't so bad. If anything I left some shit out. Here's my alternate list.


1. X-Men

2. Uncanny X-men

2. New X-Men

3. Astonishing X-Men

4. X-men: Classics

5. The Unfunny X-Cons

6. X-Men Adventures

7. Kitty Pride & Wolverine

8. Generation X

9. The New Mutants

10. X-Force

11. X-Factor

12. Excalibur

13. Exiles

14. The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix

15. X-Statix

16. X-Men 2099

17. X-Nation 2099

17. X-Men manga


19. Wolverine

20. Daken

21. Weapon X: 23

22. Sentinel

23. Ultimate X-Men

24. Magneto

25. Mutant X

26. Deadpool

27. Cable

28. Alpha Flight

29. X-Club

30. District X

31. Age of Apocalypse

32. Longshot

33. Madrox

34. Morlocks

35. NYX

36. Pint-Sized X-Babies

37. Magik

38. Juggernaut

39. Tales of Muir Island

40. Fallen Angels

41. X-Corporation

42. X-Men: Street Squad

43. Omega Gang

44. Xtra Special Class: The Adventures of Beak & The Stupids

45. Hellions

46. Stepford Cuckoos

47. X-Terminators

48. Xavier Institute

49. X-Patrol

50. X-People

51. Boom Boom & Box : Jam Masters

52. Meanyquest: Chronicles of Maggott's surviving stomach slug

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I love that DC's list of essentials included a Juggalo Harley Quinn, a team led by Jason Todd, and a racist Supergirl with knee-windows on her costume yet they did away with Secret Six and Power Girl. Ah well, at least they brought back Ressurection Man and Batgirl.


1.The Amazing Spider-Man

2.Uncanny X-Men

3.Agent of Atlas

4.The Incredible Hercules

5.The One and Only Avengers Team Because There Are Totally Not 5 Others


7.The Incredible Hulks

8.The Adjective Moon Knight

9.Something Something Something Ghost Rider

10.Captain Britain and MI-13

11.The Savage Land (Ka-Zaar, Devil Dinosaur, Moon Boy, all that)

12.The Black Panther

13.The Fantastic Four (fuck-a some future foundation)

14.Captain America

15.The Mighty Thor

16.Death's Head: Not that fucking Death's Head 2 bullshit, the original one.

17.The Slightly Less Prickish Now Iron-Man

18.Dr. Strange


20.Howard the Duck


22.Tomb of Dracula (Dracula is probably the greatest villain in anything ever)

23.Werewolf By Night


25.Dead of Night (rotate in Simon Garth/Son of Satan/Devil Slayer/etc.)


27.Venom (I'd like to see Eddie, but Flash is better than those other assholes)

28.Marvel Two-In-One

29.The Black Knight (Marvel needs a mideval title to compete with Demon Knights)

30.Marvel Western

31.Guardians of the Galaxy

32.The Silver Surfer


34.She Hulk


36.Marvelman (I want to see him brought into the universe proper)

37.Namor the Sub-Mariner

38.The Irrational Adventures of Slapstick

39.Marvel Zombies Fucking Kill the Ultimate Universe Forever, No Seriously

40.Mary Jane (I am not kidding)



43.Dazzler (also not kidding, but only if it's the kitschy 70s version)

44.Marvel Team-Up

45.Heroes For Hire

46.Ignore the movie and put them in the proper Marvel Universe, would be great

47.Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos

48.The Master of Kung Fu (Shang Chi)

49.Power Man and Iron Fist

50.The Defenders

51.Giant Man and The Wasp (I just want to see more pulpy science! type stories)

52.Machine Man

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Rom is fucking amazing, but the name and design belong to Parker Brothers who released ONE FUCKING FIGURE in 1980 and nothing has been done with it since, but Marvel doesn't have the copyright anymore hence why no ROM omnibus and even an issue of Power Man and Iron Fist that can't be reprinted.


Now the entire character and story surrounding him are 100% Marvel's, they just can't use the name ROM and the armor that they used before. However, any attempts to get around that have been handled horribly. I can live with Marvel losing GI Joe and Transformers and even Conan (it's debatable whether he's public domain, he SHOULD be but for some reason there's people who have staked a claim to him just like Sherlock Holmes) They do still own Micronauts and Dazzler though.

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Dazzler was supposed to be a disco superhero and there were supposed to be albums released of some poor singer who can't break into the business her singing but the deal fell through and it's just an oddity now.


I can think of several very valid reasons why Atari force never came back. However, I genuinely want a reboot of Rex the Wonder Dog, but only if they can give him that same vacant star he had in the old books.

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ahahaha logan's list has x-23 and xtreeeeme x-men, no cap or daredevil? CREDIBILITY LOST


baytor's list id buy a great deal from. no surprise there, but im hoping you saw my post of marvel's solicits; ghost rider's got at least another mini coming (going?).

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It's worth noting that Number 46 on my list is supposed to say "Men In Black", if they went back to white Jay or even a black Jay that looks and acts nothing like Will Smith and put them in the Marvel Universe with the same dark campy tone I think it would be great.


Also, I'm not so sure about the Ghost Rider Mini, as much as I hate "Superman Jr" characters I hate "Superman But With Tits" characters even more. Maybe I'd care less if they hadn't just finished a kick-ass run, or if Johnny Blaze didn't get the shaft in Shadowland, or if there weren't 3 fucking Ghost Riders already (technically 4+), or maybe if it didn't look to be terribly written. But yeah, I am not hopefuly for the future of the Ghost Rider brand.


I am also quite passionate in doing that Marvel Zombies Kills the Ultimate Universe Book. It doesn't have to be zombies, it's just that Ultimate Marvel started out interestingly mediocre and is now actively terrible and it needs to go the way of Malibu. Hell they even like ending Ultimate Stories with shitloads of obligatory and gratuitous deaths, lets just do Ultimatum on a universal scale.

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juggs still denies being a mutie, doesnt he?


baytor - i totally ignored the tits, fair call. also, i would argue the Ultimate U was hot shit the first year or two (at least); you gotta remember at the time that spidey/x-books were both in the shitter, and avengers was non-existent to most people. USM was mostly solid the whole way through; UXM was good until...im not sure, maybe around kirkman's run but i know i regretted sticking with it somewhere around issues in the 80s/90s. if jeph loeb never touched the ultimates, it wouldve had an awesome run. even ultimate team-up was fun back then.

...your point totally stands for where the books are these days, though.

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juggs still denies being a mutie, doesnt he?



Juggs isn't a mutant in 616, that's why he's the first on the chopping block for Spider-Man.


I liked the first couple of years worth of U X-men and U Spider-Man, the first Ultimates run, and even he first handful of U FF books. Ultimate X-Men especially was a lot better than anything else going on in 616 at the time.

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Ultimate Spider-Man was pretty much universally great, except (unironically) for the Ultimate Clone Saga. X-Men was fucking awesome, especially that really fucking dark story arc with Proteus. Ultimates was good in spite of the fact that it seemed to actually be trying to make me hate it (I have a feeling somebody was holding Millar back from going full retard) and book 2 turned out pretty good on the whole also in spite of how fucking stupid it was and how unlikeable every single character was. Loeb gets a bad rap (and he did write a shitty book with art that was painful to look at) but I think Millar would've done the same. With a few other exceptions, it was pretty much all shit and now that we have nuanced stories in the 616 we can file Ultimate away as an interesting oddity like Mutant X, 1602, 2099, and Age of Apocalypse.

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which is funny, cause i recall UXM pump-faking an effort to ape AOA (i think it was kirkman?) than thankfully backing down.


agreed @ Millar, and i know clone saga didnt go awesome but it was interesting when it was going, with carna-gwen. for me, i was really disappointed by Ultimate Deadpool - not to say there's a great angle to go with him that's not already been done, but fuck, go read Blockbuster (great UXM arc) or that solo issue i adore with :wolvy: and the kid in the cave, and then read that shit. i might be lumping it together with mojoworld in my head, but it was the beginning of the end for me; when

cable was revealed as future-wolvy i was basically neutral for not really being invested at that point.



ultimate FF had its moments, with ellis and the like. but a whole lot was forgettable, and about 90% of the min-series (ultimate war, ultimate nightmare, U DD etc) were largely forgettable for me.

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Ultimate Fantastic Four was occasionally amazing, but it was the most hit and miss of any book I have ever read. I also liked Ultimate Deadpool, even if he was really just Age of Apocalypse Deadpool (Deadman Wade for those playing at home) as virulent racist. I like having my Deadpools stand in sharp contrast to each other instead of being lame ass bullshit like the Deadpool Corps (to be fair, Liefeld's art was part of the problem with that book)

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01. Spider-Man

02. Avengers

03. Thor

04. Captain America

05. Falcon

06. Iron Man

07. Incredible Hulk

08. Defenders

09. Dr. Strange

10. Silver Surfer

11. Black Panther

12. X-Men

13. Wolverine

14. Fantastic Four

15. She-Hulk

16. Power Pack

17. Invaders

18. Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

19. Marvel Team-Up (featuring the Thing)

20. Squadron Supreme

21. Tales of Asgard

22. Hawkeye and Mockingbird (we’re bringing her back)

23. Ms. Marvel

24. Dr. Doom (that’s right – a villain gets his own book)

25. Sub-Mariner

26. The Black Knight

27. DP7

28. Beast and Wonder Man

29. Spider-Man and the Human Torch

30. Alpha Flight

31. Incredible Hercules

32. Blade

33. Captain Mar-Vell

34. Ghost Rider

35. Black Widow

36. Conan (the Barbarian, not the comedian)

37. Daredevil

38. Dracula

39. Epic Illustrated

40. The Eternals

41. G.I. Joe

42. Power Man and Iron Fist

43. Swamp Thing

44. New Mutants

45. Howling Commandos

46. Punisher

47. Star Trek (pick a vintage)

48. What If?

49. Amazing Fantasy (need more anthology series)

50. Indiana Jones

51. John Carter, Warlord of Mars

52. Millie the Model

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