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P90X & Insanity workouts


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:pumppump: yeah, i don't usually fuck with trendy workouts either, but i've got a crossfit bootcamp coming up at the end of the summer with a few hondonians, and an injury kept me out of the gym for a few months (plus i've slacked like crazy on cardio for a while now, and it's showing, by my standards). I couldn't get into P90x (by the same people) because i don't keep much of the equipment needed at home, and me, i do my strength training at a nice gym my apartment complex offers. The idea of helping me with lean mass/stamina building, presented as a challenge, sounded intriguing - and a lotta guys i talk to on other forums were swearing they completed the 60 day challenge and shed mad weight/got cut.


I did the fit test with kertins, and realized i'd underestimated the program/overestimated how much i'd retained. i fell off for a day or two and got back on with fellow hondonian Losifer a few days back, and last night got done with day 4 (cardio training)...this thing is kicking my ass, but i'm hanging. I look forward to having a fucking day off of it soon seeing an improvement of some kind next week. I'm really gonna try to complete the 2 months and see where it gets me, even took a before shot just to compare...i'll post as i go, but so far, it's just me and Los, with Sen off and on at her own pace. Anybody else down?

at the program's core, and the routine can be obtained at like every torrent site on their website.
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These days I try to stay away from things titled "Insanity _________" and "Extreme ____________." While having that cut look appeals to my vanity, I don't think my cardiologist would want me doing a program like this. Right now I am walking 3-6 miles a day at an incline and doing push-ups.


If the diet is anything like P90X, it is meant to give short term gains, but does not factor in long term health. Basically it is a low carb, high animal protein diet that will increase your risk of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's (which is somewhat ironic since Tony Horton says to stay away from most animal sources of protein [their was an interview with the NYTimes he did recently]). I am reading a book titled Healthy at 100: How You Can - At Any Age - Dramatically Increase Your Life Span And Your Health Span, which takes a look at the healthiest and longest lived societies on the planet and also all of the best research on aging. One of the studies it mentions in the book was titled Alzheimer's, CJD & BSE - Losing Your Mind for a Burger and when I was sent a picture of my grandfather who has Alzheimer's eating a burger last week, it was a fairly depressing moment. Anyways, thats the end of my rant on Western diets and P90X.

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ah, its a fair rant, but it's worth noting i'm skipping their diet altogether; it doesn't come with the download with my metabolism, as long as i avoid fast foods (something i've largely done since cutting most sodium out of my diet), even with me sitting a lot at my job, i don't have too much to worry about with any regular cardio regiment, for now. i likely go against a number of things it says since kertins tends to make me high-carb dinners like pasta anyway, which usually helps me perform better - i'm looking to shed body fat % but i'm not aiming to be around like 6% or whatever some of the rails the program demos are, just leaner than i am now - just over 180 lbs and i've gotta be 20% or so.


i'm not even taking as many protein supplements as i was at the moment, i'll likely get more into those again when i shed some here and want to build back more lean mass (again i don't see this as heavily strength-building, no matter how it sells itself). i figure, with my build, it's gonna be like this for a bit - gain, shed, etc if i want lean mass. today's day 5, so i'll see how it goes.

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I found the graph where they compare their system to interval training to be extremely amusing. In interval training you sprint as fast as you can for about 30 seconds to a minute and then you go at a more moderate pace. In there graph, they claim that in their special workout, you sprint for 19 minutes (impossible), rest for one minute, and then do this two more times for a total of one hour . . . It made me laugh a little.

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heh, you are so debbie downer on my shit here, man.


yeah, the marketing is silly - they obviously don't do it that way in practice, its basically 2-3 minutes of anaerobic/heavy cardio and a real short breather, like 30 seconds or so. lotta stretching too...i don't think we've had more than say 4 minutes of really pushing it hard without some form of a quick break to hydrate or the like. it's pretty demanding though.


yesterday was the easiest one (cardio recovery), i'm gonna miss today cause of work but catch back up with los by tomorrow.

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heh, you are so debbie downer on my shit here, man.




I'm sure that the routine is difficult and you will get results if you are consistent. Plus, working out with a group of people is great for motivation.

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started week 4 today; gonna be behind this weekend due to overtime.


it's going well, i'm getting stamina, core, and some good shit for hips which i wasn't expecting. ive been reading a bit about it - the most negligent thing i'd noticed was the lack of stretching the calves during warm-up, since there's so many jumpy exercises - but more importantly, this clearly stresses the shit out of your joints, especially if your form is bad and say, you take a wide stride when lunging/squatting/etc.


I've had to improvise for prior hand injuries, Losifer (wish you guys could see him, he's been on every day and improving at a rate much better than myself) just has to watch said joints, mutual friend of ours joins us here & there but has to watch his left knee. i think it works best as a group cause we're trying to catch each other if anyone gets macho and stresses these weakness/pushes where they shouldn't.


today was pure cardio which i kinda dig because it switches up halfway from the usual jumps/leg stuff to boxing and football drills. heavy cardio the rest of the week, then an entire week of recovery before the latter half of the program switches it up. for posterity, i took an obligatory "before" shot, and will post it with the after one when all done, i wish idve weighed myself & gotten a body fat % as well but my diet is not at all consistent with its recommendations.

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finished up last monday or so, so glad to have some time back - six days a week for just over 2 months was pretty demanding, but i have to admit, my stamina/anaerobic cardio is way better than where it was. I'm mostly going to keep some of the hip flexor stretches and the ab workout regiment, i think.


gonna try to keep this going too - LL & Sen are running together lately, Los & I are looking to join this week at least 2-3 nights, trying to alternate that with some swimming, stairs, boxing ettc to maintain our cardio & let my hand heal so i can finally get back into crossfit/boxing/gym etc later this year.


overall, it was a pretty enjoyable challenge - again, the first month of the program is built just to get you in shape to survive the demands of month 2, and as you repeat them (especially with a friend) you find yourself pushing to accomplish more of it. really considering their PX90 later this year as well.


**spoiler-tagging the before & after pics for comparison, fair warning for fair skin OMG SO WHITE LOLOLOL etc**













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thank you Star - i seriously doubt im going to stick with Crossift (officially) past the 30 day bootcamp groupon deal, only because the monthly fee is way out of my ballpark. i like what i did of it up at NMB, and try to incorporate it where i can, though - it's a good program, and if you have access to the equipment, they put the workouts up every day for free anyway.


seriously though, i wish Losifer would do more than voyeur here; he's the real champ who pushed himself like crazy and genuinely impressed me by the later end of it. the guy's a great deal heavier but i'd catch him pushing through while i was taking breaks, it was really cool.


i like how my hair kind've timestamps it, too

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nah, what you're seeing is actually a good thing, i'm trying to correct a posture/lower back problem Duads put me onto a while back. it's part of why i've been stressing the hip flexors - we both noticed i was compensating too much with my back when doing things like squats, so ive been trying to do exercises to strengthen this. my ass isn't as pronounced, but that's okay cause it was mostly ghetto chicks that'd point this out, and really, i want a strong lower back moreso.


the pants thing though...Los kept using a scale to gauge success, i keep having to remind him we built a lot've leg muscle that's heavier than fat. using your jeans/waistline is a better guide, and yeah, jeans i havent needed a belt for in years now need one again, but that too is a good thing. i mean, in the before pic, i was nurturing a baby-JZA gut, heh.


ps bodybuliding.com is an awful forum and you shouldnt spend much time there

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okay, P90X is done, so here's the before & after pics - warning about my fair complexion etc etc


few caveats:

1) i took well over 3 months, between traveling a few weeks & alternating stuff with Insanity/etc with others

2) i totally didn't adhere to the diet, though i did try to eat a bit better

3) i only had access to 20 lb dumbbells, otherwise im sure you can get better results out of the chest/etc workouts...i learned to implement the resistance bands the last few weeks or so, i'd underestimated them but they're a great substitute

4) only cheating i'll admit to is skipping through the yoga program, because an hour & a half of that stuff...it goes from being super repetitive to holy shit i don't think my body can do that the last half hour or so; it was totally worth trying/doing but it's not the best approach to yoga i imagine












im totally gonna implement some of it into my routine from here on out, the core stuff was really effective.

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