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VVVVVV has be recreated in C++ now - it was just a Flash game prior. He's put more stuff into it as well. Got an email today.


I've just finished a very substantial new update to VVVVVV. It's a complete rebuild of the game in C++, for Windows, Mac, and at last, Linux! It also comes with a level editor, something I've always wanted to have in the game. Finally, this new version includes *10 new dimensions* to explore, built in the level editor by a few friends. You can find out more at this blog post on my site.
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Cheers doj. Let's get a bit of negativity going for a change. For anyone's that interested in the cross-platform performance of these indie bundle games, firstly, for all the bundles, Windows users have spent the lowest -- an average of $3 for the bundles, with Mac users paying $5-6 and Linux users paying the largest amount of $10-11.


This 3rd bundle (4th including the Frozenbyte one) has been a bit of a blunder for Linux users, with VVVVVV being the only game that installs relatively well. The other games take a lot of work to get running - not really feeling native at all - and performing really badly when they are working. Hammerfight's controls, glitchy menu system and game animations are enough to warrant even my Win7 install of it as a bad game.

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Let's see.

I own A.R.E.S. (time played: 11 minutes) - It didn't grip me. Side scrolling platformer/shooter. It's fair to say I didn't give it much of a chance. Maybe it gets awesome. It probably doesn't.


I own Sanctum (time played: 2 hours) - It's actually pretty cool, I don't think that number is accurate. Felt like I put more time into it. It's a typical tower defense game, but you do it all in first person. You take all the time you want to build, then when a wave launches you can run around and shoot things instead of just relying on your turrets and what not, and the amount of enemies you killed is how much money you have to spend on towers/obstacles/weapon upgrades before the next wave. I nice twist on the genre. Co-op is supposed to be fun.


I own Nimbus. (time played: 47 minutes) - It's interesting. It's a sort of 2-D physics heavy obstacle avoidance game with unique/occasionally irritating controls. I think I hit the point where the game actually starts to become a challenge and just said "maybe later". That was in June.


I have never heard of Gemini Rue.

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