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I was reading the new issue of PC Gamer and they have a multi-page article on demos for older and new games. One demo caught my eye because it was for an rpg I had never played! (I know crazy huh!) But it was for a game called Avernum VI. There is a whole series of Avernum plus the developers had a few other series they had made using the same engine as the Avernum Sextology (or whatever you want to call it). The quickest way to describe it would be basically a turn based Diablo. You do have a follower, and it is a little more strategic than just clicking on an enemy until it 'splodes. There is quite a bit of text and story to it as well. Also from what I have read all the games are quite long.


I didn't buy Avernum, instead I chose a newer game they had made called Avadon: The Black Fortress. The basic premise of this game (and most of the other games) is that you go down into dungeons, kill baddies, complete quests, collect loot, rinse, repeat. Like Diablo you keep going down and down further into the dungeon as the game progresses. There is a nice little skill tree for each of the 4 classes, and lots of random loot just lying randomly around kind of like in the Elder Scrolls games. They aren't the most advanced games, graphically or structurally, but for what they are, they are well worth the $10-15 price tag per game. So if you're bored, have nothing else to play or are just lookin for something a little different try them out. There are demo's available!




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