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Saw this today with a bucnh of friends at a nicely discounted ticket price... and um, it has it's ups and downs. I actually kinda like the show whenever I get a chance to see it, but this was a bit too much at some points and not enough in others. It's basically an hour and a half long jackass episode, which in itself gets tiring after a while. It's typical stuff like pulling pranks on people, doing dangerous stunts that get the guys hurt, and doing really nasty shit. Some of it is pretty fuckin funny, when they go out of their way to get hurt it's hilarious. highlights are when they hire a professional kickboxer to beat the hell out of one guy and Knoxville tries to box the huge boxer "butterbean". Generally decent stuff with them running around getting hurt, and a cool bit where they get great makeup as old people and wreak havok.


A lot of it didn't work so well though. I thought a hell fo a lot of it was filler, lots of them running around in their underwear through crowded streets, lots of skating tricks that sort of get them hurt but not enough to be that entertaining. Also, what kind of annoyed me is that at certain points in the movie it felt like I was paying to watch other people have fun. Like watching a tape of all your friends drunk at a party, I guess they had fun, but it's not fun watching it...


Then there's the gross out stuff. A lot of people will see these as the best parts of the movie, but I'm sorry, I just can't appreciate a guy pissing into a snowcone and then eating it. Shock value be damned, its fuckin disgusting. A guy sticking a toy car up his ass was unnecesary too, although the resulting trip to teh X-ray office was funny. There's lots of shit like that, and lots of vomiting that made me wonder "why the fuck did I pay to see this?" The show also sort of looses it's edge when you realize the budget they had. It's kind of funny to see them pissing off their parents, but then you realize that their sons are rich, so I'm sure they don't mind the occasional insane prank. They rent out places and destroy them, though they'll obivously pay for it, and stuff like that.


So um, I guess if you absolutely can't get enough of the show, this is alright, although I might have enjoyed three or four episodes of the show more, plus it would be free. It pisses me off that this is #1 at the box office way over all the truly good movies out there, but hey, what can you do?


Oh yeah, and there was WAY too much male ass in the movie.


PS Its an absolute fucking travesty that this movie gets an R rating with no problem while Auto Focus had to pixelize a lot of the stuff they shot so they wouldn't get an NC-17. The MPAA is on a crusade to get rid of movies that handle issues seriously.

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Yeah I was wondering about the gross out factor, I stopped watching fear factor just because i'm so tired of seeing them eat bizzare things.


Now granted the "Midget plinko" scene in the previews is hilarious, and a couple of the old guy pranks looked good, but most of it is just the same stuff they do in the episodes like ya said.


Really i guess its just the 14 year old mentality those guys have that puts me off the show alot, gets old watching people beat the crap out of each other. I really wonder about those guys sometimes.


And the rating should have definitely been Higher than R. Granted an NC-17 rating would have probably killed their profits, but you damn well know that a bunch of mental Giants are gonna try some of the stunts and then people are gonna bitch like all hell to get tougher on ratings. Its not fair to other movies that delve into certain areas for the good of the story get slammed and movies like this that are for all intents and purposes "pointless" skate on by while making it harder for good movies down the line.

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Well, Junker may watch every movie that comes out so that he can have a opinion about it that is based on having seen it, but I actually discriminate. This movie has gone intot he Triple X pile, the one full of movie that I've heard lots of people praise, but haven't heard anyone say anything about it that makes me think it's movie I'd actually want to watch. This movie seems stupid to me, but it bothers me because it's shock for shock's sake, and it gives shock a bad name. It's like comparing South Park to Beavis and Butthead. Now I know alot of you loved B&B but I thought it was stupid and shock for shock's sake. B&B gets canceled and South Park comes along and I I hear about it when I first comes out is that it's the next B&B. Of coursae, it's not. South Park is fucking clever and pushs the envelop with some substance to back it up (great dialogue, insightful commentary), but meanwhile lots of people that would love the show, dismiss it was vulgar shockertainment, where the only thing that holds people's attention is the 'omigawd I can't believe they just said that.' And it's because of stupid shock, like B&B and Jackass. Oh well. That's what free speech is, you take the bad with the good.

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Yeah, the pure shock value parts of the show I didn't like. Gettng paper cuts on the webbing of your toes and eating your own piss is just fucking stupid. I think watching a few episodes of the show would also be better because since they have to tone it down on television there's less of the gross out shock value stuff, and more random funny shit. I saw it cause I like the show sometimes, and I'd feel like a dick if I didn't let my friends suggest a movie to me after all the stuff I make em go to. It was almost worth going to. If it seems stupid, you sure as hell wont like it.

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