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Yeah so they just finished filming this one and I know we all have something nice to say. Of course me personally, ack can't even believe J-lo is in this one. Why Kevin Why!! :( Anyhow, check out this link. It's for a behind the scenes thing smith did for leno to promote the movie. It's hilarious, I swear.

Leno Clip

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Ben and Jen Left Out of 'Jersey Girl' Ads



Images of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been scrapped from posters of their upcoming movie Jersey Girl - to give it a better chance of box office success. Producers of the film have reportedly advised their advertising and marketing teams not to include either of the stars' faces on any of Jersey Girl's promotional material after seeing the dismal performance of the on-off couple's summer flop Gigli. A source tells American magazine Us Weekly, "After Gigli, (Miramax) doesn't want to take any chances with another laughing stock flop. They're going to promote this as a (director) Kevin Smith movie. It's going to be about Kevin."

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Well I'm happy to hear about that last part, but people are making too big a deal about the Jen/Ben thing. The whole Gigli-trashing thing is like the thing to do among movie writers now, and I'm gettin' sick of hearing it. Somebody spread a rumor around a few weeks ago that Affleck had been fired from the next Jack Ryan flick because Gigli flopped so bad. C'mon, if people are really that unforgiving about flops in an actor's career, Kevin Costner wouldn't still be getting work. Give the guy a break, he's actually not bad in some movies (can't say the same about J-Lo, though). Paycheck comes out in a few months and Affleck's star will rise again. The press is all over Jersey Girl, trying to make it sound like Smith is cutting J-Lo out of the movie because he's afraid of another flop. Lopez's character was always supposed to be gone from the film in the first fifteen minutes. The official Jersey Girl posters never did have J-Lo on them. The film was never about Jennifer Lopez falling in love with Ben Affleck - it was about Ben trying to be a single dad. The only reason it was built up like a Jen/Ben movie was because Miramax wanted to try to jump on the publicity wagon that the couple had made.

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