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Today starts a brand new football season opening with the New York Giants, G-MEN!!!!!! going against them Cowgirls (cough) excuse me Cowboys. For those of you who are Cowboy fans and who got offended, good im glad Fuck Homo Romo he better get sacked a few times tonight........any way got off track, bout to be on my Joe Buddens shit, After talkin shit im gonna say some softness like, " I respect all sport fans" blah blah but if y'all gonna post some fake shit and not even know your shit best believe you will b put on blast. Opening this thread to talk stats, predictions, fantasy football, and all that other NFL talk. If you dont know now you know I'm a DIE HARD FAN of the NEW YORK Football GIANTS. Here's to a great Season good luck to those in Fantasy Leagues. Tonight's game NYG 24 DAL 13


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...and down goes NY. :P GL to those with Fantasy Teams! I got Dez Bryant and Dallas' Kicker on one of mine. (My work Fantasy Team)


Here's my teams:


Hillbilly Sheep Lovers (Work)


Cam Newton

Arian Foster (Awesome!!!)

Steven Jackson

Roddy White

Dez Bryant

Tony Gonzales

Darren Sproles

Seahawks D

Dan Bailey



Steve Johnson

Demaryius Thomas

Andy Luck

Torrey Smith

Toby Gerhart

Owen Daniels

Malcom Floyd


And then my league with Panch I have more of a New England mix. (but not too much this year. :P)

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You know I usually join about 12-15 leagues every year. This year: 5.


I'm determined to actually enjoy watching football this year. I'm so burned out from fantasy I didn't even bother to show to a couple of drafts.


I even bought a madden incase I get the fantasy shakes.


But seriously, I had to let a lot o ppl down after canceling quite a few of my leagues this year. Even gave up my work league to someone else to manage.


Had to be done.

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Yeah, next year I'm thinking of doing a Hondo's league and a family league. But for this year, I'm in a league with Panch, Aarty, Cathy, and DK among others, and I got my work one.


I'd love to do one. Though I'd perhaps noob the all loving shit out of it.


*gets idea for TV show*


Oh wait, thats already been done.


I did that last year. Ask Panch. I picked almost ALL Patriots players, not even realizing the BYE week. Still got 2nd place tho. LOL

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What a sell of a game, Giants are off to another horrible start Cruz dropping passes, D slacking on plays, (still wondering how Demarco Murray busted that 48 yd run SO FAKE DEs cant tackle now) & the O-line still loves getting bitched by Ware none the less it's only game one they better shape up............. on Another note, even if the Dolphins would've kept Marshall their chances would've been slim to none, now they just don't have a snow balls chance in HELL. Good year to draft Reggie Bush though since their Offense basically must flow through him now. Fortunately for me in one of my leagues i started both Nicks and Cruz for a whole whomping 9.6 pts-_-. Hopefully Peterson gets a clean bill of health and goes off on Jacksonville. Managing 4 teams this year but this ones bringing home the bread and butter.


QB- Tom Brady

RB- Adrian Peterson

Matt Forte

WR- Victor Cruz

Hakeem Nicks

Julio Jones

TE- Tony Gonzalez

K- Garrett Hartley

DEF- Lions

BENCH: Matt Schaub, Doug Martin, Brandon Loyd, Austin Collie, Kenny Britt, & Martellus Bennett


If that one sells I have one other great squad and 2 mediocre teams that can carry weight, but im bound to bring home a title in at least 2 this yr


QB- Matt Schaub

RB- Steven Jackson

Frank Gore

WR- Andre Johnson

Wes Welker

Victor Cruz

TE- Antonio Gates

K- David Akers

DEF- 49ers

BENCH : Andrew Luck, Donald Brown, Mark Ingram, David Wilson, Robert Meachem, & Austin Collie


i may b a newbie to Hondos but i'll b down for a Hondo's Fantasy League next year live draft lets go!

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Here's my teams:



League- League of Extraordinary Genitals

Team Name- V for Vagina


QB- Drew Brees, Eli Manning

RB- Maurice Jones-Drew, Ryan Mathews, Jonathan Stewart, Darren Sproles, Donald Brown

WR- Greg Jennings, Brandon Lloyd, Miles Austin, Robert Meachem, Santonio Holmes, Lance Moore, Kenny Britt

TE- Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Pettigrew

K- Garrett Hartley

DEF- Chicago Bears



League- The Real Deal

Team Name- Who Duh!


QB- Philip Rivers, Josh Freeman

RB- Arian Foster, Trent Richardson, Payton Hillis, Kevin Smith, Stevan Ridley

WR- Andre Johnson, Julio Jones, Steve Smith, Santonio Holmes, Denarius Moore

TE- Vernon Davis

K- David Akers

DEF- Baltimore Ravens



League- In Memory of Peanut League

Team Name- Hard Knockers


QB- Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan

RB- Ray Rice, Steven Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Pierre Thomas, Mikel LeShoure

WR- Victor Cruz, Steve Smith, Dwayne Bowe, Robert Meachem, Doug Baldwin

TE- Tony Gonzalez, Coby Fleener, Tony Moeaki

K- Garrett Hartley

DEF- Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals

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