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yeah....i know Bendis has been on about this for years (and i don't doubt there's been seeds planted in some fun places), but im am likewise a bit burned out on avengers, and really burned out on events. it's hard to muster excitement here, but i know they do these on the regular to keep up sales.

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finally sat down & read # 1...i may've been wrong about this event, it's some Days of Future Past/Age of Apocalypse shit for the Avengers!


gonna try to catch up (it's on # 7 i believe) and post back, god knows if Bendis can close this out but yeah, shit is crazy

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caught up: okay, yeah. this is some AOA shit and it's the story Bendis should've done instead of all those other ones.


i should let it finish first though, god knows Secret Invasion, House of M and several others started with really interesting concepts and fizzled out by the closing act. for what it's worth though, up to # 7 this one's a blast.

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