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Trance (Danny Boyle)

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Come on now JZA, gotta give that poster some love:





Here's to hoping that's the cover they go with for the Blu-ray release!


Saw this Sunday night and have been meaning to post about it. I've yet to see a Danny Boyle film I didn't like, and being a fan of the genre I was really looking forward to this.


The movie starts extremely strong, but then I felt it started to drag a bit in the middle. I found myself thinking "Man, this movie better end strong, cause it's losing me".


Well, I'm glad to say it most definately finishes strong, and moreover, makes me look at those draggy bits in a whole new light. It's a very different beast that what I was expecting, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It didn't fall in love with it in the theater seat, and there were a few elements of the plot that I really didn't like, but after thinking about it for the following days, it sits rather well with me.


It's a twisty little film, and I definately want to see it again. There are movies where the twist is great on the initial watch, but lose a lot of impact on repeat viewings, and then there are movies that once you know what it's really about, it makes repeat viewing even more enjoyable. I have a feeling Trance is going to fall into the latter category.

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