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starts at 10am (eastern time - few hours from now), so far we're expecting:

  • Super Smash Bros, at least a trailer
  • new Super Mario (Universe?)
  • Talk about Zelda next, possibly look at Link to the Past 2 (with outside hopes for Majora's Mask 3DS)
  • Mario Kart
  • price cut, followed by apologies for launch window being a year goddammit reggie why do i still not have Pikmin 3/Wonderful 101
  • Virtual Console details, like "why are GBA games going to WU and not 3DS" (see above picture)

those are my guesses, though i'd love to know what Intelligent Systems is up to at the moment as well. there's another rumor of Nintendo Network bringing an account system to 3DS, if that pans out & it's legit i'd consider Animal Crossing over eshop. hype!

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  • Virtual Console details, like "why are GBA games going to WU and not 3DS" (see above picture)




This! Super Nintendo games too for that matter. 3DS looks more than capable of playing anything up to that at least.

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yeah, Mega Man was awesome! outta nowhere too.


DKCR2 was an awesome surprise, and i know some people wanted more Mario Galaxy but i kinda preferred 3D Land, so in lieu of more 64 i'll take that.


101, bayo 2 and especially X lookin good all around. Mario Kart looks to take the best stuff from 7 & others, thankfully a lotta that shit is next year so i can pay shit off first, haha. all around, not a lotta surprises but still more games ill likely pick up than the other 2 conferences.


oh yeah, wish i couldve seen Sonic: Lost Worlds a bit more, 3DS version too.

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well, they needed more of this stuff this year, and a price cut, honestly. PS4 dropping for $50 more is crazy, that has to be fixed by then.


also no idea why they didn't show this:



also, damn this has to be seen again:



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I told ya they released to early!


heh, most ague they released too late...but yeah, again i agree: i know HD development was new for them, but theyve really squandered their year 1 advantage here.


last few years of the Wii, most EAD teams - past Skyward Sword - i don't know what some of them were up to. I look at the way Iwata turned it around for the 3DS in the timeframe he did, and the inability to do so here, and you know what i keep thinking? maybe the WU is the next step towards that handheld/console hybrid idea everyone's thrown around for so long.


it never made sense to me - why sell 1 system where you can sell 2? - but here we are, they're in the reverse spot of sony: near market domination on the handheld scene forever now, struggling for relevance in homes. they seem very slow to invest in other studios these days, and while it's cool seeing them expand HQ & add teams, that's another move i'dve expected them to start on years back.


now imagine larger, more experienced & streamlined teams pumping out content for one architecture instead of two...they lose a revenue stream, sure, but if that one well looks to've dried up to them - and honestly, i don't think they'll do GC #'s this gen but from here it's kinda hard to see them doing better than say N64 ones - i wonder if the way they're designing & spec'ing things if that's in the cards. keeping it nearly a gen behind (to continue profiting up front on the hardware, before even software/royalties begin) they could, in my mind, very easily make themselves a must-have device for a huge # of people, while insulating themselves better from both the ios/android market (who iwata claims is their bigger competitors) and stay out of the two bigger companies' arms race.


i could be way off, but the more i think about it, the more it seems plausible next time around. if they magically turn shit around a year or two from now, forget what i said here.

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  • The NZA changed the title to Nintendo Direct





this was such a good direct


- Super Mario RPG remake looks good!  also i kept hearing rumors it was gonna be another fire embelm remake and i like this better

- Pikmin 4 all over my face (demo next week, older titles on digital is neat)

- new wariorware! i don't know who else is all about the microgames, but i'm glad this series yet lives

- Dragon Quest Monsters finally crosses the pond, time to get into this one as well

- MGS series is pretty cool, glad the NES & MSX games are there, as well as the cool PSP comics.  bummer to read konami is gonna konami it right up and not actually have the games on the fuckin cart, but i'm gonna get this on playstations anyway

- 2D mario that's finally not the NSMB series!  man, the WU one was fun but i never dug that artstyle/music, this looked a lot cooler. plus


- don't really care about star ocean 2 but i'm sure some folks do


we'd already seen sonic but it was cool here, i'm sure i'm forgetting other stuff


also!  next month is the 40th' anniversary of the famicom, so they're gonna have something for that and i love this image




also this is for newtype if he comes in with MEH



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also!i totally forgot about luigi’s mansion 2….that’s such a mixed bag for me

part 1 was shat on so hard at the gamecube’s launch for being short (which i loved, it was really replayable i thought), i swear i remember it being called a “tech demo” and the like, and they clearly took that to heart

so here comes dark moon for the 3DS! i was so hyped, but hoooo doggie does that game go on too long. worse yet, i recall the lack of checkpoints & some brutal bosses making me lose so much time in the process, i powered through but didn’t wanna play it again. maybe not being stuck with the 3DS’ controls will soften that? i love this series, but yeah, here’s to hoping for some tweaks

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