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So do you maybe have a run of a certain book that only exist in pamphlet form because the industry can't get its shit together and make a hardcover book? Or maybe you've just got a bunch of ROM the Spaceknights hanging around and that shit's about the drive you nuts?


Comic binding, motherfuckers!


Sexy hardcover editions made to the specifications set by your wallet and your particular level of crazy.


Here's some Suicide Squad books that Michael Fiffe (writer/artist of Copra which you all need to read.)


It's also fairly affordable


Here's a FAQ with a lot of information. And here's a forum.

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damn, custom binding for gatefold/chromium covers too? sexy as fuck


skimmed the FAQ but apparently they don't give you shit about copywritten material/etc? not like you're making a copy, but some places get weird nonetheless. really cool option to see, i still have a txt file about of stuff ive been waiting on forever to be put in trade, great to finally have that ability.

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I'm sure it depends on the binder but the gist I'm getting is that they don't. Kinda makes sense, you're just rebinding material you already bought for personal use so it's pretty kosher. Admittedly just assembling one of these yourself would be a time consuming (and likely expensive) endeavor but if you're sitting on a bunch of comics then it's a nice way to get them out of longboxes and on a shelf.

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Given the modern Print-On-Demand capability, Marvel and DC should probably get on this quick. Imagine if they had a build-a-trade website? You pick the issues, or even parts of issues, the reading order, the quality of binding, the cover art, lettering etc. And you pay THEM a premium. It wouldn't be cheap, but people pay lots of $$$ for shit they love in the versions/scenarios they love. Just look at the various Star Wars fan edits.


Offhand, I know I'd probably pay to do this for a lot of 90s Superman since the reading order was in constant crossover between the 4 titles.


I'd also be able to incorporate crossovers into my regular issues collection where relevant and on the flip side I could leave shitty bits out of crossover storyline collections. So that one-off issue of Lobo that fits into Superman's storyline? Slip that in. Those side issues in events like Fear Itself or Blackest Night? I can insert the good ones and ignore the dumb ones.

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