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Claremont: X-Men writers can't create new characters b/c Fox


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Chris Claremont: X-Men writers can't create new characters because Fox will own them




“Combat Cow is not a mutant. Because if he was a mutant there would be a war between a publishing company and a film company and we don’t want that.” – Chris Claremont.




“I have to say quite honestly as I understand it now the X department is forbidden to create new characters.




“Well… who owns them?


“All because all new characters become the film property of Fox.


“There will be no X-Men merchandising for the foreseeable future because, why promote Fox material?”




sharkgirl too!

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This is the kind of shit people were afraid of when Disney bought Marvel. They couldn't give a flying fuck about the comics division. To them Marvel is the film department and the comics department is just part of all the other insignificant crap that came along with that purchase.

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Not quite. It's actually Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter who put this rule out and seeing everything I've read about the man paints him as a penny pinching nutcase I'd say Disney hasn't said anything at all. Don't lose hope though, it just means they can't release characters in an X-men book and with inhumans popping up everywhere mutants are no longer necessary. There's also the stable of hundreds if not thousands of characters to pull from.

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