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Louis CK says he scrapped his 'I'm a Cop' movie and FX show (for now)


“What happened was, I told FX I didn’t wanna come back for a sixth season of ‘Louie’ after I did season five,” C.K. revealed to Stern. “And I said, ‘I don’t want to put it off, I just want to say I’m not doing it anymore for now. I might come back and do it again some day, but I don’t wanna owe it to you ever.’ I just want a clean slate in my head.”




You’ll recall last year the comedian/director/writer/producer said he would be directing a full-length feature that he penned called “I’m A Cop.” However, C.K. has changed his mind and said that project is no longer moving forward.


“I had a movie set up that I wrote, that I was going to direct and star in. That was supposed to happen this last summer.” Why didn’t it happen, Stern asked? “I had a movie ready to shoot and I had my TV show going so I said no to both. I said, ‘We’re not doing either.’ And I just threw everything away. It was a very scary and terrifying thing to do.”


Perhaps worse, C.K. said he spent a half a million per episode of “Horace And Pete” and eventually spent $2 million of his own money to make those first four episodes. Unfortunately, they didn’t earn enough on his website to bankroll the rest of the season, so the comedian had to take out a line of credit and put himself millions of more dollars in debt.



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To me, Louis C.K. is in the same place, creatively, as Larry David. If he doesn't want to continue with whatever he's doing, I'm ok with it (this isn't some Dave Chappelle situation where juggling everything has just become too much). If he ain't feeling it, he ain't feeling it and I respect that. He doesn't owe anyone anything. Now, he hasn't done anything as big or influential as Seinfeld, but it could be said that his stand up has come pretty close.

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