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Miller possibly working on DKR sequel with Scott Snyder


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Bleeding Cool


But now it appears that it is time for the threequel. It is certainly being discussed, and it’s Miller’s plan that Dark Night Three be written by himself and Scott Snyder, the current bestselling writer of the Batman monthly comic, who has taken the monthly title to the heights of critical acclaim with Court Of The Owls, Death Of The Family, Zero Year and the current Endgame.


The story, I am told, would concern Carrie Kelley, the Robin of Dark Knight, now in her elder years. She is now in a similar position to that of Bruce Wayne in the original Dark Knight, and she is seeking her own successor to protect Gotham.


I am told that Frank Miller is too unwell to draw the book, so new artists are being sought. DC co-publisher Dan DiDio, and those above him, want multiple issues with multiple artists, including the likes of Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, Marc Silvestri and the like.


I’m also told that Scott Snyder prefers a stand alone title, akin to Sandman Overture, without the many spinoffs that Before Watchmen got. And that his artist on The Wake, Sean Murphy, is a favourite artist choice.


i guess we've forgotten/repressed the masterpiece that was DKSA? I've got faith in Snyder, but Miller....ehhhhh

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DC Lets Frank Miller Draw Superman's Penis for Dark Knight III




Hello. This is an actual comic cover drawn by legendary comic artist Frank Miller. It’s the cover to a companion comic to Miller’s upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race series, and it appears DC is actually going to publish it despite the fact that 1) it is horrible, 2) it is laughable and 3) you can clearly see the outline of Superman’s junk in his red briefs.


I’m basically speechless that this is happening. The only thing I can think of is that DC is so desperate for more Dark Knight Returns money that not only have they brought Frank Miller back, but been forced to accede to his obviously terrible demands, such as naming the third installment “The Master Race.” Given the horrible art of The Dark Knight Strikes Again, it made sense that DC would agree to a problematic title as long as Miller brought on board some decent collaborators. Which is presumably why Brian Azzarello is co-writing and Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson are taking the actual art duties, for the upcoming series.



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