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The Playstation.com Site for No Man's Sky has been updated




Whether a distant mountain or a planet hanging low on the horizon, you can go there. You can fly seamlessly from the surface of a planet to another, and every star in the sky is a sun that you can visit.


Where you’ll go and how fast you’ll make your way through this universe is up to you. It’s yours for the taking.




Explore uncharted solar systems and catalogue unique new forms of life. Every planet’s landscape is different from the next, and populated by species never before encountered.


Find ancient artefacts that could reveal the secrets behind the universe.


Choose whether to share your discoveries with other players. They’re exploring the same vast universe in parallel; perhaps you’ll make your mark on their worlds as well as your own.




Every solar system, planet, ocean and cave is filled with danger, and you are vulnerable.


Your ship and suit are fragile, and every encounter can test your skills to the limit. From dogfighting in space to firstperson combat on a planet’s surface, you will face foes ready to overwhelm you.


And one mistake could see you lose everything. In No Man’s Sky, every victory and every defeat has lasting consequences.




Whether you want to explore and see things never before discovered, or directly set course for the centre of the galaxy, how you play No Man’s Sky is up to you.


But you cannot take your voyage lightly. You’ll need to prepare.


Collect precious resources on the surfaces of planets and trade them for the ships, suits and equipment that will take you to your destiny in the stars.


  • No Man’s Sky does not have a traditional story with cutscenes and a predefined hero.
  • Like Minecraft and Terraria, the player creates and defines their own experience.
  • Planets are planet sized. You can spend days exploring just one world, experiencing its day and night cycles while walking its surface or flying through the sky in your spaceship (or jet pack)
  • Once you discover a planet, you can change its randomly generated name to whatever you want. The same goes for any creatures you find on its surface.
  • Although you're free to do what you want in No Man's Sky, there are consequences for your actions. If you kill too many creatures or deplete a planet's valuable resources, your “wanted” level will go up, and the planet’s “Sentinels” will come after you.
    If you pick a fight in space, the space police will come after you.
    And if you pick a fight with them, prepare to take on the military.
  • Almost everything in the game can be upgraded: shields, ships, weapons, and even your spacesuit.
  • There are three basic gameplays styles: exploring, trading, and fighting.
  • If you die in the game, you'll lose any information you did not save to "The Atlus", a giant computer that records your progress and can be accessed via a planet's beacons.
  • You can literally craft items on an atomic level by using blueprints you find in the game.
  • Even when the game "ends" (i.e.making it to the center of the galaxy) you can continue to explore worlds for as long as you want.
  • You can share your discoveries online by uploading information to The Atlus, which will allow friends to see everything you've discovered in the game.































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From today, PS4 owners can pre-order No Man’s Sky both digitally through PSN and at retail as part of a standard edition and a bumper Special Edition, which comes with all kinds of neat extras – such as a Dynamic Theme, a gorgeous art book with concepts from the game, and a comic co-created by Dave Gibbons, James Swallow and Angus McKie.


As well as pre-purchase pages on Steam, GOG.com and Humble stores, we wanted to do something special for PC fans too.

We’ve been working closely with our friends at iam8bit to create the very first official merchandise for the game, from cool prints to T-shirts and a neat Atlas pin, and a PC-only Explorer’s Pack, with a hand-painted, cast metal ship replica, some exclusive goodies and a digital copy of the game on Steam or GOG. We’re hope you’re just as excited as we are to get one of these!


June is just over the horizon, and we’ve got some work to go before the game is ready. We’ll be a little quiet again until then (but not completely silent – there’s still some more to showcase soon!) as we get closer to release.



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Gonna be a good summer.




The ambitious space game No Man’s Sky has been delayed, two sources tellKotaku. We don’t know exactly what the new release date is—and it may not be finalized yet—but we’re hearing it’s been bumped until at least July or August.


I preordered this hours before this news hit too. Fuck.


Just hope it's nice and polished. I'm still really looking forward to this game.

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I'm having a really good time with it! I had a reasonable amount of hype going in, but it's not unlike what I expected. Shit's pretty random and there is a sense of joy when discovering really cool shit. Plus I have hopes that the money this makes Hello Games will allow them to constantly keep the game updated. It definitely isn't for everyone though, and Sean Murray's recent actions have me a worried, but in the end I'm liking what's been put out.


Also I found Fairy Cows.

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Played about 8 hours of it over the weekend. My starting planet is pretty solid. I've found almost all the lifeforms on it. Once I finish that maybe ill look into actually leaving the planet. I've just been going around getting language things.



...btw, did everyone here start with the Gex? Everyone I read, including reviewers - said they are doing Gex things in the universe - and I've got an entirely different race I'm working with (co-host got Gex too)

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